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Why does my jailbroken iPod get so hot?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 10th, 2008

I finely jailbroke my iPod touch w/ version 1.1.1 and I now have a lot of 3rd party apps but I have notices that since I have installed them my iPod seems to get really frigin hot. Us this normal and could it harm my iPod?

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With my unbroken iPhone, the sudden heat was a case of the battery going to crap. My first phone stopped holding a charge and the second holds it not quite as well as it used to after a minor heat bump over a day or two.

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There’s quite a few 3rd party apps that are processor heavy. If you use any of these for longer than 5 or 10 mins it could really get your CPU cooking.

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Any specific apps in mind? I don’t want to harm my itouch’s battery life, which I already know isn’t that great.

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Well, apps like VNSea would do it. What apps do you have? Tell me them and I’ll let you know.

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Sometimes some apps secretly run in the background. Don’t install to many apps or at least not too many big ones

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As MrBlogger says, it may be apps running in the background without your knowledge. (Of course, if you’re using Backgrounder to purposely run apps in the background, that’ll do it too.)

A good test would be to start your Touch and simply leave it running for a while without starting any apps, to see if it gets as hot. In that case, you may have apps that run on startup and in the background—that would be a good reason to try googling the apps you’ve installed and see if other uses have had issues with them.

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(that should’ve been “if other users have had issues”)

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i agree with the other people that commented, apps running in the background are the biggest thing that cause heat, thats why normal ipods and iphones only run one app at a time.

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