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So how do you feel about womanizer?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) September 28th, 2008

Just wondering, and please keeping the britney bashing at a respectible level, but how do you feel about Britney Spears new singer Womanizer?

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I don’t see “RandomMrdan” under any of those topics of discussion.

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Would a woman be called a “Manmanizer? No, I bet not!
My apologies for going off topic… In a left turn sort of waey. To answer your question
Seriously, I wouldn’t get involved with one to begin with! They are pigs!
But hey!! To each his own… Or is that Two each his own?
No pun intended…

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I suppose a manmanizer would be the correct term, however i’ve never really met someone that could be considered a manmanizer lol….but back on track I really enjoy the new britney some after a few listens I was completely hooked. Its catchy….womaizer woman womanizer oh your a womanizer baby daddy-o you got the swagger of a champions to bad for you, you just can’t find the right companion, I guess when you’ve had one to many makes it hard it could be easy thats how you are its just how you are baby. lollipop must be mistaken your the sucker…

I believe those lyrics are pretty accurate, I like the song anyways…

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Sorry about the typo’s it’s this damn iPhone thing!
@johnny, I’ve never heard it. Perhaps I should! j/k

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can’t stand her or her music. I hope to never hear it.

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I think her new found techno club shit is getting old

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Who the hell is Britney Spears?

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The song “Womanizer” does not display the best of her vocal talents. It almost sounds like a joke. Unfortunately it is relentlessly catchy and sticks in one’s head at the most irritating times.

Although a unique sound, Britney’s “deep” voice is not particularly attractive. I also saw the video for it the other day, in which she intermixes shots of herself stark naked with scenes where she plays a waitress in a black wig. Why?

I hope she is better able to control her psychological difficulties as her life goes on – I suspect she is bipolar, although I may be biased because my son is bipolar.

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welll u no britneys image has always been sex really…its expected…if she came out with a turtle neck and pants….then people would really be confused.

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Also non of her songs are ever really made to display her vocal talents….they are all for radio friendly catchy sales type of songs….just how it is but i love her either way

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