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Shall we bid a fond farewell to Phil Everly?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) January 3rd, 2014

Of The Everly Brothers?

If you have a fondness for a particular song, photo or memory, please feel free to post it here.

Hauntingly beautiful music.

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All I have to do is dream,

my favorite

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Another boomer icon gone. I feel old lol

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Beautiful music. Goodbye Phil.

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Damn, It’s getting spooky how many people my age are leaving me behind. They don’t think I can do this without them, do they?

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While I wanted to be a little snarky and quote “Bye Bye Love”, their song All I Have To Do Is Dream is so beautiful, I will just say thanks for the music, and the influence you had on so many others.

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My mom loved the Everly Brothers. She would be upset.

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Sad to hear the news of Phil Everly passing. RIP Phil Everly. Loved their harmonies. All I Have To Do Is Dream’ is a perfect song.

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Wake up, LIttle Susie

Smooth sailing for a smooth singer…another part of my youth gone.

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And they had fabulous hair also.

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“Wake up Little Susie” is my fav too. I have a sister named Suzy and we would sometimes sing that to her.
Plus, I just like it.

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Love is Strange is my favourite.The Everly Brothers are timeless in my imagination I can’t believe one of them is dead.

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The Everlys have always brought back so many cherished memories of my teenhood. I loved their songs and still have a couple on my iPod, including this one, “So Sad.” It’s interesting, just recently I stumbled onto a new album titled “Foreverly” by Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones. Rest in peace, Phil.

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Never heard of him.

No RIP post for the guy that played Phillip Banks on Fresh Prince? Bummer.

ETA: Ohh, I know that song. Probably because it was in the film Riding in Cars with Boys.

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When I was little I “borrowed” a cassette of 50’s music from my father. (I say “borrowed” because the old man never saw that tape again.) It had a bunch of songs, among them, Wake Up Little Susie and All I Have to do is Dream. I played those songs until the tape wore out. I can still sing them both word for word and I smile every time I hear them. Man I loved that music, as a 10 year-old with a portable cassette player and as a grown up listening on my iPhone. Thank you Mr. Everly, your music made this little girl very happy and made the world a happier place. Rest in peace.

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@livelaughlove21 You can always start one

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This is such a loss. Those guys were the masters of harmony. I got to see them one time at the county fair, they were wonderful.

My favorite song of theirs is Crying in the Rain

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The influence the Everly Brothers had on music is impossible to measure – they were so important. Even the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame recognized their importance by including them in their first class of inductees. How can you pick just one song they did and say it was a fave without leaving out so many others? Wonderful harmonies – we’ll never see or hear anyone like them again. Rest In Peace Phil.

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Thanks all. Nice tribute!

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I hear ya, @ETpro!

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