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New Xbox 360 Experience?

Asked by zachs08 (40points) September 29th, 2008

I heard microsoft are changing the dashboard today…This is a question to all Brits. What time(london time) does it start and end?

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from the info i’ve had it’s just a preparation for the dashboard update comming up in november, about the time i’m not sure, it’ll take around a day though, just stay tuned

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im sure its happening today mate..because all my friends in real life cant connect because of the MTU failing. MTU is basically the system upgrading. And because this is happening xbox live is offline. Im just wondering when it comes back online and we get the real thing!

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hmm, that’s weird, i could have sworn i’ve read it in this article

it even states:
“It’s all in preparation for the impending launch of The New Xbox Experience, but only in preparation for it, so don’t expect to hop back online when the service goes up and get to work crafting your shiny new avatar. Enjoy the old Xbox experience while you still can!”

but hey, i guess you’re right…mate

why is it so hard to just trust people on this, but instead just try to force your own truth?

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Yeah @iwamoto is correct. They’re preparing the system for the new xbox experience. The new one will be launched in the fall. Zune’s Marketplace is also offline today all day – both of which were announced days ahead of time – for similar upgrades. If you really want a pulse on what’s going on with Xbox Live go to Major Nelson’s Blog and you’ll be able to see what’s going on every day.

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So basically its happening in November?

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yeah, like i said in my first message, that’s…yeah that’s basicly it, that it’s happening in november, that about sums the whole thing up, so just that we’re clear on it, it’s happening in november

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Ok cool, when it happens in November will xbox live be off for another whole day or more?

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last year around, from what i can remember i just got the update, had to wait a few, and then i got on and all was well, no downtime, my guess is that this’ll be all that’s needed, but i can’t be sure about it though

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Cool! thanks for info

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