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What is the deal with pink plastic shopping bags in Chinatown?

Asked by justin (179points) September 29th, 2008

I noticed this around Oakland Chinatown the other day, but seem to recall having seen this in other Chinese markets as well. Everyone has pink plastic bags from the stores. Almost everywhere else I’ve seen is white or to a lesser extent tan.

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It’s a silent protest against the White Man.

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Because pink is extra big time happy!!!

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For the Chinese, red and its variations are considered lucky. Here’s a NY Times article on NY’s chinatown shopping bags. It quotes a bag salesman as saying, “White is a mourning color, so I don’t sell many white bags. And yellow is a death color, so nobody wants those. I was raised to believe red is good luck. And see? Here, I have good luck. I sell a lot of red.”

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