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What are the most dangerous areas in and around Los Angeles?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) September 29th, 2008

I live in a small town on the east coast, but I’m moving to LA to do an internship and I’d rather not live in an area where I’m gonna get knifed jk. What are some places I should avoid?

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The Los Angeles Metropolitan area is very large; could you be more specific as to what city in L.A. you are headed?? What vicinity or town is nearest to your place of internship?

Also bear in mind that the majority of L.A. residents commute 15 or more miles to/from work.

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What area of Los Angeles do you want to live in? Here in L.A. safe areas are just blocks away from not-so-safe areas.

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I’m kinda looking everywhere…some places I’m looking are in Pomona, Hawthorne, and Long Beach, West Covina, and Gardena.

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Long Beach is a cool place. It is a mini metropolitan city. There are nice and horrible areas of the city. Typically, the closer you are toward the shore, the nicer the area. The area around LBSU is not so bad either. Walnut is a good area around Pomona, so are parts of Diamond Bar. The areas you mention are suburbs; Long Beach will feel more like a big city.

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What area of industry is your internship in? Have you found a company to work for yet? Another reason why I ask is that in the last 10 years or so much of the population growth has been suburban sprawl…it has a lot to do with logistics in terms of commuting; you ideally want to go against traffic, so this the follow-up question.

btw I live about 10 min. from Pomona; like tinyfaery mentions good and bad neighborhoods can be found in almost all areas of L.A.

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Alot of good rappers from Compton and Oxnard, speaks for itself..

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Hey! My inlaws used to live in Compton! At least until their grocery store got torched. Then they moved to Torrance to live with my SIL.

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I live in Pomona!

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Can you give us an intersection where your internship is at and an idea of what you want to pay in rent? Will you have a car?

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Avoid dark alleys
avoid tunnels/underpasses with bums/drug addicts
do not Stare/Gaze at other people’s GF/BG
do not Stare/Gaze at people who look like drawings
do not give anyone money (just say: Sorry bro I’m unemployed)
do not follow anyone into a van/dark alley/house/apt/park/restroom etc.
do not fall for “hey man, can you help me open my car door”
basically if you leave crazy people alone, and ignore the head cases, you “should” be ok*

You can always push a shopping cart and try to blend in…

change? does anyone have any change?

*(technically )

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born and raised in Long Beach, went to school in LA—-> because they are driving cities even the most dangerous neighborhoods don’t feel as dangerous because you’re in a nice little bubble.

long beach is cheaper but less convenient—> belmont shore is crazy safe and has lots of socal sororityish blondes and surfers who go to cal state and hang out at the bars on second street. the art district downtown is less “safe” but not really dangerous (my grandmother has been living there since way before it was gentrified and she’s never had a problem), cheaper, much more hipster, cafe, gallery, music vibe. avoid the heart of downtown and super north long beach (ie – compton) and you’re beyond fine.

LA—> culver city is cheapish and way trendy, then santa monica, lower hollywood hills, and 3rd + Fairfax/La Brea are pricier but way young and safe.

wouldn’t worry too much about safety – maybe it’s a familiarity thing, but i’m currently in new york and even the nicest neighborhoods feel more dangerous than the skeeviest of the southern california.

in terms of living in los angeles and being happy, commute is more of an issue than safety.
i’d find a place that’s walking distance to your job – get a bike – then soak up the winter sun, mexican fruit stands, strip mall sushi, and infinite possibilities. cheers!

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just don’t hang out in front of your house or apartment and you will be fine….

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That’s right, never get out of the boat. Oh wait, that was Apocalypse Now. But that works for Los Angeles too because it’s kind of like a war zone isn’t it?

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pretty much…..if you hang out outside, and you just happen to be wearing the wrong clothes that day….you might become target practice. Seriously.

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It’s a shame that the city has degenerated to that point. Pretty scary….and sad.

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Pomona is not L.A. I walk around at night, and I am not afraid of my neighbors. L.A. is a wonderfully diverse city. I wouldn’t live anywhere else…well maybe Maui.

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Okay, I stand corrected. Not the WHOLE city of Los Angeles is that bad off of course. Just parts of it. There are places I won’t go after dark even here in Phoenix, Arizona.

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I think if you’re from the East Coast your afraid of LA and if your from the West Coast you’re afraid of NY. I was scared to death that I would get on the wrong subway when I was in NY and that I would get mugged or something. It’s just going somewhere unfamiliar where you don’t know the difference between normal and dangerous.

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As others have mentioned, every town has a “good” and “bad” side of the tracks…as cheeb mentions, it’s really a function of how you conduct yourself in public. Some areas, you just have to “play it safe” and not be overly-conspicuous about how you carry on in public.

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Pomona is in LA County, and Pomona is one of the places they were looking at…..

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how did I stumble upon this question I have no clue did you ever figure this problem out? It’s funny I live in la and I’m moving to the east coast and i’m scared but to answer your question Santa Monica is very safe I’ve been living here my whole life the weathers always nice it’s beautiful! There are plenty of things to do it’s just kind of pricey but if you could afford it then this should be the pick

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All big cities have crime problems – its not location or race just a minority of people who prey on good decent people. I am english and have been to LA twice and I LOVE it there. I stayed in Santa Monica twice and the only “trouble” i had was with homeless people asking for money which was no big deal at all. Los Angeles is a great place to go with lots to do, great restaurants and the people were the friendliest i have met. LA is great and I am coming back this year !

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@LeonK IMO Santa Monica is the very best part of L.A.

Welcome to Fluther.

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A couple of you like Santa Monica it’s my home, I love it! But really L.A isn’t a bad place those are all mostly rumors.

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look homie i was born and raised in South Central L.A and i been to every part of this city…all i gotta say is non of these people know a damn thing bout my city…yes certain parts you should never go to but you can get caught slippin any part of LA you wanna feel safe move to the South Bay Area,San pedro shit most places on the west side…there the popo pertect you…

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I’ve been in L.A. 35 years. And you?

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Me too-37 to be exact mang…

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