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How bad a problem if they're off 'till Thursday?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 30th, 2008

Hey! Religious holiday or no, I’ve worked in hospitals all my life and if there was a problem (of far LESS magnitude then this budget crisis) you came in on Sundays, nights, holidays (Y2K I was on duty “waiting”), Christmas, Good Friday…ANY time. Is it “bull”? Why the lie?

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Certain occupations get a “pass” by the religious community, when it comes to adherence to tradition.

Hospital workers are exempted by custom, as are those who work in nursing homes, peace officers, military employees and those in the travel industry.

Can you imagine an EL AL pilot declining to land a jet, because it would be against his “religious beliefs” to do so, under certain conditions?

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The point is, Jack, that it didn’t matter if the religious community gave a “pass” or not. That’s the job I agreed to do. Not EVERY reason I had to go in was an “emergency”. Sometimes administrative things had to be done by Monday morning. That’s my job. We’re talking magnitude of problem here. I am SURE there isn’t a religion in the world who wouldn’t give a “pass” to a government official who’s working is critical to divert a world disaster. I’m not Jewish but I venture to say they’d get the “pass” under the circumstances. I have NO DOUBT the politicians WOULD have gone into work were it a REAL potential disaster.

The point is, they’re lying about the magnitude of the problem.

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I agree with your point, partially.

The collapse of Wall Street will cause more harm to individual citizens like you and I, than it will to the fat cats who run Wall Street, because of their personal parachutes.

And, the US Congress should remain in session, until a workable solution is found.

When Herbert Hoover was electred president, he had only been in office for seven months, before the worst-ever collapse of the stock market occurred, and The Great Depression resulted.

Today, it is happening again, under President Bush.

Please note that both men mentioned, are Republicans.

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Do you forget how the Democrats needed a telethon to put that party in the black? Talk about mismanaging money!

Nevertheless, the current situation will make Obama a shoe-in, like it or not IMHO.

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Your last sentence will probably come to pass.

The “party in power” is the one blamed, whenever anything bad happens.

This could NOT have occurred at a worse time, for the GOP (“Grumpy Old Prudes”).

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MrM They may be motivated to return after they check out the current value of their retirement accounts while on their holiday.

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