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Multi-Level Marketing?

Asked by CelticsFan (140points) September 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I always wondered if there were any Multi Level Marketing jobs that actually worked??

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MLM…a PC way to say “Pyramid Scheme”

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Usually what is involved is hitting on your friends and family when you are on the bottom rung. If you make it up, then you are earning money off the work of the people in the level below you (I always found that concept distasteful.)

In a limited way, this works for Avon and Mary Kay and companies like that (Cookie Lee, etc.) in the sense the company gets the products out and makes money. It is unclear how many people in the chain make money—real money.

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I think it’s depends on you and of course your ability as well. But I know one thing You need to evaluate any company by their potential, competitiveness, industry, financial strength and always aware yourself for choosing right company.

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