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What is the deal with these imaginary competitions men and women create for themselves?

Asked by poofandmook (17315points) September 30th, 2008

Some genius decided to put an 8 foot long by 1 foot tall open space in the top of the wall I sit by at work, which allows me to hear everything being said on the other side. I listen to these two guys talking every day, and they’re constantly trying to one-up each other. Today, it was who had more songs on his computer (the “winner” had 3 hard drives full!), who had been to the best concert (the “winner” was at Bonnaroo) and who knew the most about the Moody Blues. This goes on daily, on a broad range of topics. Sometimes a third guy will come in and join their “competition.” I’ve heard this same kind of thing at bars, parties, diners, etc. etc.

Yet when you hear women doing the same sort of thing, it’s not who’s best, it’s who’s worst. Who had the hardest life, who had the worst drive, whose kids were crabbiest.

Am I imagining things?

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I often find it is the people who are able to focus on others vs themselves. Selfish vs not.

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I don’t play that game. Ever.

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I never play that game. Ever.

I answered twice! No one else has. I win.

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Poor self-esteem. When you have to “billboard” your accomplishments, it becomes very apparent that you are not good enough for you.

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I would have to say I never played that game either. I actually hate that sort of thing… its so silly. Especially when they start arguing about who has the worst life. Yuck!

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