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This may seem odd to you, but what weird, gross, disturbing, or disgusting videos or articles have you seen or read lately?

Asked by AshlynM (10542points) February 4th, 2012

I’ve recently discovered FoodForLouis on Youtube. That’s hardcore. I wouldn’t recommend watching any of his videos if you have a weak stomach.

Also, there’s this video of a red hooded blond girl throwing puppies into a river. That was really disturbing to me.

What else is there?

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Well, there’s always this comic. Just keep scrolling, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I thought that the Dying Nasa Scientist was really weird…

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This one about a Republican Oklahoma senator wanting to ban the use of aborted fetuses in food. Stupid, pointless and sick.

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@troubleinharlem Haha. Good way to give your 90 year old grandma a heart attack.
@janbb Interesting…I’ve never heard of that before.

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@troubleinharlem That comic gave me a heart attack.

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Just watch the news. There’s more than enough “weird, gross, disturbing, or disgusting” stuff on there! : ((

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Most of my stories would fall into this category :-/

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I’ve seen the girl throwing the puppies. Sickening. Apparently some think it a hoax. Still, that’s horrible.

@troubleinharlem That comic was awesome.

I always thought this was bloody hilarious, but when you think about it, poor guy…he must really be frustrated in his life to snap like that. Either that, or this was back when Windows Millennium made its debut…

Also, Rubber Johnny. This video is special to my heart for being completely freaky and disturbing, and then it just goes and becomes hilarious as fuck. It’s really weird how six minutes can stir up that many different emotions.

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The Story of O is the most twisted thing I’ve encountered. Of course I won’t watch Human Centipede so that might be worse.

I have found my stomach’s limits, no need go further.

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The last one I was was in the late 80’s, after CNN came out. Then they had a news clip about a little boy, about 5, who had a dog collar and a leash on, and a guy walked into a deli in New York with the kid on this leash. The little boy asked the clerk to call his Mommy. The guy freaked and yanked the kid out and disappeared. I watched and waited and waited to find out if they ever found him, but they never, ever said another word. I think about that kid to this day. Would I have gone over the counter and stopped the guy? I think so. Why didn’t someone stop him???

Then, another time, they showed a news clip of search and rescue pulling a little boy out of a scummy, dirty private pool. He as limp and blue. It was horrifying.

I pretty much never watched CNN again.

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I just watched footage last night of a chicken wing eating contest, and the guy ate more than 300. BARF

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On Facebook, a friend who has linked herself to some “prevent animal cruelty” groups complained about seeing images of a poor dog with his face shot off who continued to live in misery for a few days while maggots bred in his head.
I helped her block all from this sender and complain to Facebook, so I cannot find the horrific image to show you.

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My son played cute things blowing up videos from You-tube last night. It was disgusting.

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