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Has anyone in SF biked around Lake Merced?

Asked by occ (4080points) August 10th, 2007

Looking for new interesting bike rides. I live in the Lower Haight. Thought I might bike thru gg park to the beach, and take the great highway down to Lake Merced. But I've never been to Lake Merced--can you actually bike around it? Is this a nice ride?

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I've biked around Lake Merced. It has a paved path around the entire lake that can be fun when it's not too crowded.

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it's ok. I used to live at Park Merced and would bike around it a lot. GG Park is much better. IMO

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The trouble with the path around Lake Merced is the traffic.The pretty lake on one side of you, the road and traffic on the other. I, too, found it crowded and I was walking. The first time is fun, after that, boring..! The park is much better, as is the Great Highway being close to the ocean with the breeze and scents.

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