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What does everyone think about Christina Applegate's decision regarding her breast cancer?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 30th, 2008

As most of you know it runs in her family; her mother had it. She made the decision to have both breasts removed and is now cancer free. What would you do?

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It doesn’t run in my family…But if it did, I’d do EXACTLY the same thing.

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I can’t know until I was faced with such a matter, but I can certainly understand her decision.

Breasts are not worth your life.

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I am not a woman so I can’t know what it means to a woman. But as a man speculating, i would say take them.

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I had a lump last year in September. Luckily, it was a benign cyst. But due to insurance issues, it still took 4 months of worry and anxiety to get the final results. I would never want to go through that again. If it had turned out to be malignant I was preparing to do the same thing she did. I support her decision.

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I’d have not problem having mine removed (except for the whole pain, scarring, and expense thing) – they just get in the way all of the time, anyway.

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@camp, same thing happened to a friend. It was so stressful. glad you both were ok!
@syz I think so too! I would never want cancer, but I would definately do what she did. An I could wear t-shirts that ppl could actually read and hopefully, would not slobber on ‘my shelf’ when eating out.

I think she’s a brave woman.

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I think we should not forget that she also has a huge bank account to get implants with, so she doesn’t need to face the same stigma that many women faced with the same dilemma do.

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@poof Yes, very true. Most women would not be able to afford implants. And I can see a fight with insurance compaines re: reconstructive surgery.

I wouldn’t go to implant route. Too old – don’t care anymore aobut impressing anyone with my bodacious tat-ta’s.

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I would do it in a hot second. I have even considered going a step further. My mother was 39 when she died of ovarian cancer. My doctor and I have seriously discussed the prophylactic removal of my ovaries. I haven’t decided to do it as of yet, bet I know if the slightest issue arose, or I found out I carry the gene, I would have the surgery. No doubt about it.

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Duh….No Brainer….Do what she did….

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yup, just what she did. She may become a great advocate for cancer. Just because she has money for implants, doesn’t mean she’ll get them Ann Jillian also an actress didn’t. She was originally known for her DD’s
Take care of the Ta-Ta’s get them checked!

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She did the right thing. A friend in Seattle did exactly the same thing. Both had the same good attitude about a bad situation. After implant surgery, my friend said (holding herself) how do you like these babies? Applegate said she would have the best boobs in the nursing home!

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My husband and I were just talking about this tonight. Even though I have no family history, I said that if I got breast cancer, I would have them both removed. I would then have reconstruction, aiming for much smaller breasts than I currently possess. Then I could wear pretty little bras instead of the half suit of armor I strap on each day. A nice B cup would be perfect. He, of course, disagreed ; )

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@deaddolly Thanks!

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