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What's the best place to get royalty free stock music?

Asked by carvar03 (9points) September 30th, 2008 from iPhone

to add to my YouTube videos. I’ll pay a monthly membership.

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Top 60 Music Websites That Deliver the Greatest Free Music

Each website was visited and reviewed to make sure that they were actual websites with working website addresses.

The order that the free music websites appear in is the order that has received the most hype from Internet chatter that has been collected during the research sessions. This way the actual order of the top music sites appear in has been predetermined by thousand of users across hundreds of chat platforms.

1. iMesh
Here is the ultimate music community that is 100% clean from spyware, adware, Trojans and popup ads and has more than 15 million free songs and videos to choose from. Membership is required, but the music is Free.
Fall in love again, with the possibility of stumbling across a brand new artist, group or band that have been captured through Music Genome Project and overseen by Pandora, so that the flow of new musical talents don’t go unnoticed. If you enjoy sampling the sounds of a creative crop of new and still probably new, undiscovered talented, then you will find a whole new world of sounds to delight your listening pleasures. offers more music than you can shake a stick at. Join the community and make new friends who share the same interests as you do. members can play full tracks and customize your playlist according to your own unique tastes.
If you really dig your music, then you have come to the right place. IMEEM is the biggest and most comprehensive music resource on the web to get great music. Join the IMEEM community and share your music interests with others or watch music videos if you are not too busy.
Songza offers music fans the opportunity to search for and listen to the artist or song that they want to on the web. Users are not required to subscribe or pay for the services unlike or Rhapsody does. An added bonus Songza pays for licenses from all of the major performing-rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) and these companies pay the publishers and writers in proportion to the number of plays they get on Songza, so the artists are getting paid and the listener are getting to listen to free music on the web.
This website offers music lovers great music to listen to, but not to download. The unique twist is that listeners can earn points by bumping up songs that you like that catches on with other listeners and they too can bump the song up, too. Listeners are the ultimate judges of the song’s success or failure. It’s kind of like American Idolon steroids.
Use this music sharing website to discover new artists and songs through its community of music loving listeners. Share your favorite music with others in the community and earn credit, so that you can use to get free songs of your own. Listeners can also review and recommend the music that they listen to and download music without restrictions.
Signup at Spiral Frog and get access to over 1 million songs that you can download legally and free. Discover new artists that you probably haven’t ever heard of before or stay with the tired and true recording artists that are known for packing large stadiums of screaming and adoring fans. You must register for a Spiral Frog free membership before you can start downloading your favorite music that you like to jam to.
Check the latest music charts from around the world starting with the Billboard Top 50, European Top 50, UK Top 50, USA Top 100, Germany Top 20, Dance Top 20 and download free Mp3s or add your own Mp3s.
This website came highly recommended by a few of my readers that had left comments in my other two TOP 10 Music Lists, so it earned its nomination. Ruckus is a music network that allows students the ability to download and listen to, free music that have been archived in its network. Students can download unlimited free and legal music with the option to choose from more than 3 million songs. Additionally, students can also legally download hundreds of popular movies and television shows through the Ruckus service.
Open your ears to a whole new world of music talent at Jamendo. This site offers its members full free albums to download from the emerging new pool of artists and musicians from all four corners of the planet. Wanting something new to listen to, then Jamendo is the place for you.
12.Live Music Archive
Live Music Archive provides the highest quality concert downloads on the Internet. There are more than 49 thousand items and 2,912bands to choose from, so this is an excellent tool to use when enlarging your free music collection.
Use Songerize’s straightforward music search engine to find the precise song or artist that you are wanting to listen to, and when you want to listen to it. Simply type in either the name of the song or the name of the artist that you want to hear and Songerize will do the rest. Songerize is more like a radio than a music-downloading site. No membership or special software is required.
14.Free Music Zilla
When you get past the lame name of the site, Freemusiczilla is a free music application that give you the power to download music directly from social music services from places such as; IMEEM,, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips, Mog, Digg, and almost all social music services. Freemusiczilla supports all web browsers, has no adware or spyware and is super light, micro-sized and resource-friendly. Best of all, it’s free to download.
Are you ready for a home away from home and listen, download or join a lively community that eats and breaths music from various genres? If so, then DEEZER is ready for you. Listen to or download your greatest music icons’ masterful works for free or participate in the DEEZER online community and make new friends who enjoy the same music as you do.
Seeqpod offer its users an opportunity to explore its vast multimedia directory to play, listen to and enjoy playable web content that includes audio, video and Adobe Flash rich media files. According to Seeqpod “It is legal to use its technology”. Music is just the beginning at Seeqpod.
MOG’s slogan says it best “Where Music Junkies Get Their Fix”. Listen to millions of full-length songs for free or share your music playlists and opinions with others in your community.
Do your own an iPod and want to download new songs and Podcasts from your favorite artists for free? MACIDOL allows its members to download free music for your iPod legally. You name it – MACIDOL probably has it.
Slackers offer its users a customizable radio allowing the users to edit and share their favorite stations with other users. Listen to the some of the hottest songs and artists in the world and performing in different music genres.
Jango is a custom radio that plays the music you want for free. Create your own music playlists to store and play on your own radio channel or choose from the stations that Jango provide. Membership is required to participate.
OurStage is an unique concept that gives its users the opportunity to listen to and vote to indie recording artists and musicians, and then the artists or musicians who’s song is voted to the top of the charts during a specified time period could be rewarded with one of many excellent prizes. The prizes that can be won by the artists and musicians are focused on helping the winners to become more successful in the music industry. It is a win-win opportunity for both the fans and the artists.
Get to know your favorite recording artists better than ever before and listen or download some free music at Allmusic. Read the Allmusic blog or watch a music video, but by all means relax and have some fun.
Sideload offers its users a place to store all of their favorite tracks into their own personalized Sideload Locker. Users must download the Sideload Plugins, so that any time the user discovers a new song or track that they want to keep track of, then just use the Sideload toolbar and store it in the Locker. Sideload offers a large collection of music tracks in a variety of genres. Users will discover 452,995 free tracks from 50,045 artists from around the world.
MyBloop allows anybody the ability to store files for free and share them with anyone else for free. Works with both Windows and Mac, so anyone can listen to their favorite music, create playlists, back up files or simply share your personal music tastes with the world in minutes. With over 1.5 million files already stored on MyBloopthere isa fantastic selection to choose from when you are ready to get started.
The biggest torrent search engine and directory on the Internet for discovering new music through a BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol. The music that can be downloaded on Mininova is not illegal to download according to company’s website.
26.Unsigned Band Web
There is nothing more satisfying to a music lover, then the day that you discover a new band to rock out to. Unsigned Band Web delivers on the promise that new bands are discovered everyday, because at Unsigned Band Web visitors will be introduce to musical geniuses that have yet been signed to a major recording label and are waiting for their chance to shine before their audiences. Discover the sounds that you have been missing out on, before they were major rock stars.
Users of Soundflavor can play, watch and share their favorite music by music genre, lyrics, decade and songs and search for their favorite music the same way, too.
28. Live365
Live365 offers its users the opportunity to listen to or create their own Internet broadcast, so that they can be shared with the rest of the Live365 community. Some free downloadable music is offered, but most music can only be listened to and not downloaded.
With more than 20 million using this website to listen to and share music interests and playlists, iLike is an excellent place not only to listen to new music, but to learn about new artists and concerts together.
Dizzler offers its users to search online and play free music, videos, games and radio stations on their computer or mobile device legally. Dizzler is committed to keeping any spyware, adware or storage constraints flushed out of their system, so that the users will have a more enjoyable and safe Dizzler experience. So, wanting to listen to or play new music, then checkout what Dizzler has to offer you.
Users at FineTune can create their own personalize playlists to share or post on their blog or MySpace page. Users can listen to great music or socialize with other FineTune users and share their favorite playlists.
32.Digitally Imported
Get ready to burn up the dance floor to the electrifying electric dance music with highly addictive elements of the unique style that only electronic music can bring. Get free radio channels featuring recording superstars, DJs and the hottest exclusive shows anywhere.
Tagoo offers its music listeners free music to listen to on the Internet. Build your own playlist featuring the biggest names in the business or from the least known garage bands that are just starting out in the music industry. Tagoo is still in Beta, so expect a few bugs here or there.
PureVolume offers music fans the opportunity to discover and share new music from emerging artists and the artists chooses to give their music away for gaining exposure or to make the music buy only. Not all music is free on this site, but there is enough to rank PureVolume at number 34 on this Top 100 List.
35.The Hype Machine
The Hype Machine user community gathers to share their common love for music and blog and post their favorite musicians and music on their blogs to share. Users can personalize and modify their favorite music and share with everyone else.
Users of this cool little site can listen to some great free music from mostly undiscovered bands and musicians from across the globe. User can vote and write reviews about the music that they have listened to and compete in monthly drawings to win prizes. Musicians and bands can also enter their music into contest to get reviewed by fans and gain some valuable exposure. The winning Artists will win additional exposure from Feed Partners giving the winning Artists a much larger audience platform.
This website offers its listeners the ability to listen to or build their own playlist via its own radio channels. Discover new music from different music eras and/or by selecting your favorite music genre.
This music website offers free and legal MP3s that are submitted by its member community. MP3 4U members can comment on and review the songs that they have listened to, so that the rest of the community can also discover the best free music in the Universe. What type of music do you like? This website offers every music genre under-the-sun, and then some.
Users of this site will have the opportunity to listen to and discover new recording artists from all around the world. Create or send your playlists to your blog. Cast your vote for your favorite tracks and playlists and subscribe to your favorite labels, artists, friends and music genres that you want to be keep in the loop about.
40. Music
Looking for the hottest popstars and rockstars on earth, then what are you waiting for, because has it going on and a little of that, too. Watch music videos, listen or download the hottest music for free.
41. Jamwave
This website offers its listeners the opportunity to listen to free music on the Internet and discover new artists, musicians and bands that you probably haven’t ever heard of, until now. Listeners can join a Jamwave group, keep tabs of the charts or browse through the upcoming events when not tuning in the Jamwave radio.
42. Opsound
Opsound is an experiment in applying the model of free software to music and its users can download, share, and remix the songs and sounds that participating musicians and sound artists have uploaded into the Opsound database. A wide selection of Creative Commons music awaits new listeners.
43. Artist Direct
Are you ready to rock the house down? Artists Direct is the place to visit when in the mood to listen to the likes of Hip-Hop rapper Lil Wayne to pop queen Britney Spears and everyone left in-between. Download free music or watch free music videos to reserving your concert tickets in advance with the speed and convenience found at Artists Direct each and everyday.
44 MySongCast
MySongCast is an ongoing music competition where independent musicians go head-to-head for a chance to win real cold cash. Music fans listen to each music entry, and then cast their votes for the winning song. The more votes for a particular song results in that song raising through the charts and thus receiving more valuable exposure. This is a good site to discover new artists.
45. Magnatune
Magnatune has something to offer to both the musician and the music fans and a nice variety of music genres to choose from, too. The music fans can listen to high-quality MP3s and albums in their entirety before buying or becoming a member. The musician earns valuable exposure for their work and receives 50% royalty for each song or album of theirs that is purchased.
46. liveplasma
Discover new music and movies using the Liveplasma search tool either by selecting the artists, band, movie, director or actor. Make your own maps or bookmark your favorite music, so that you can share them with others in your community. Membership is required to access the full site features.
47. Project Playlist
Start building your own music playlist and share them with other music fans in the Playlist community. Listen to great music from a large selection of genres. Search for your favorite music, just by simply entering the artist’s name or song title into the Playlist search engine. Membership is required to receive full membership benefits. Share the playlist that you create on your MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Blogger pages or on your on website.
48. itBreaks
Discover new recording artists and bands through listening to music that is being broadcast by the artist on ITBREAKS. Listeners can comment on, share and evaluate the songs that they listen to and if a song receives enough favorable feedback, then that song moves to the frontpage in realtime. ITBREAKS’ members can customize their account with numerous features including groups, albums, playlists, ranking, etc.
49. Newgrounds
Visit this website if you are in the mood to discover new music options from aspiring musicians and Flash artists from around the world. Listeners can vote for their favorites or listen to other member’s favorite songs, bands and musicians.
50. Anywhere.FM
Discover new music using the radio, it is very simple to use, but high speed Internet connection does seem to work better with this website than dial up connection.
51. WeenRadio
Weenradio allow audience tapings of their live shows and all its users need to do is download their favorites. Most of the music is free, but the studio albums are not free. If the users should like the live tapings, then they can purchase the full albums at their favorite music store.
52. Mashuptown
This website offers visitors some free music downloads from new recording artists from around the world.
53. thetastates
Visitors at this site will find 38 hours of CPI mixes including electro, abstract hiphop, sexy downtempo, IDM, ambient and experimental music mixes that you can download and share.
54. SkreemR
SkreemR claims to be the world’s greatest Mp3 search engine on the Internet and users can search the web for their favorite DRM-free music, podcasts, speeches and more.
55. GO Video [Codes]
Give your website, blog, Myspace or any sort of web-based page a booster shot and customize it to the max with free music videos from the hottest music talent in the world. Select the video that you want to retrieve the code for by artist or title, and then you are ready to cut and paste the video code onto your website or web-based page, so that all of your friends and fans can soon enjoy.
56. Blastro
Bust a beat to your favorite Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Pop and Dance music genres where the songs are sassy and the music is free.
57. SpinJay
If you are planning a party or preparing to travel and need some great music to download on your iPod, so your party will rock the house down or your travels is enjoyable, and then is the place to visit. Put together your own playlist and submit it to the community to challenge your playlist against theirs in a voting type election system. You ultimately receive the winning playlist and the playlist submitter earns points for winning the vote.
58 Yallwire
Looking for a website that offers boot scooting boogie type music, then Y’ALL Wire will hook you up with the hottest country recording stars that are bringing there A-game to the stage with every performance. Download all of your favorite country artists’ music or take a load off of your feet and watch a music video, all for free.
59. Roxwel
Metal rock rules! Get all of your metal rock, rock and roll and indie rock all on one comprehensive website and download the music that you like for free. Where as metal rock rules, Roxwel rocks!!
60. Muxtape
This site provides an easy way to create and share mp3 mixtapes. Listen to great music or purchase the music you like, if you want a go anywhere copy of the MP3 that you like.

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Credit where it’s due. boffin’s post is from this blog.

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holy moly. That’s alot of great sites. But I’m lookin for royalty free music to put on my YouTube videos. So yt won’t delete my home videos.

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Have they taken down your vids before? It is unlikely that a home video will be removed because of copyrighted music, unless you are a Partner trying to make money on Youtube.

Not really sure if this applies anymore, but here is an interesting video about Youtube music usage. Be sure to watch part two as well – it’s quite funny.

Then again, this story indicates that Youtube actually does take down home videos. All the more reason to use it, I say.

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I make youtube videos as well, I purchase royalty free music for my videos from, prices are quite acceptable.

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