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What do you think is a fair price to charge for a 1 hour photoshoot?

Asked by loki (162points) September 30th, 2008 from iPhone

digital shoot with photogenic lights on location?

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Depends on experience?
I bet you could get a good idea
by seeing what your peers are charging?
Your local peers. Prices will probably vary by area as well.

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Why not? What is an hour of your time worth? Kids at school go and take 5 minutes for a minimum of what $39? And the company that does those pictures they—well let’s just say they leave something to be desired.

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Coo: I think this is a how much question.
Not a should I question?

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Well I when I worked as a floral designer in a craft store people would always want us to go to their house and decorate for Christmas, Easter, etc. My manager would always say I’ll give them permission to do it if you pay them $25 and hour. I would have done it for less but she always said that’s your time off if they want you to work on your time off then make it worth it!
If a company that takes really bad pictures can ask so much you should ask for at least $40 – $50 if your going on location and doing the lights and everything.

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More details and you’ll get a good answer. As of now you’re basically asking something along the lines of, “How much does a Ford truck cost?”.

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I’ve worked with people that charge anywhere from $85 to $250 per hour, but it definitely depends on your experience and portfolio, as well as the level of client you are shooting and the end uses for the shot.

If it is going into a brochure that will be printed 10,000 times or more, then it will probably be a different price point than if it was just a single portrait that will be blown up to 16×20 and hung in a living room.

Another factor may be that you are expected to do an hour of shooting, plus the time it will take to setup and breakdown the lighting equipment. So you have ot factor in your time for that as well.

If you are just trying to build your portfolio, I would probably set a much lower price than if you have an extensive portfolio.

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