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Emoticons. What do some of them mean or portray?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) October 1st, 2008

I was looking at a website and it allowed for comments on a particular artist and a number of responses were this: <3 What does this mean or what is it supposed to look like? I’m just out of it I guess.

Any other interesting emoticons out there that this old broad might want to know about or use?

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That’s a heart (sideways)... it took me forever to get that one, too!

Different emoticons are used for different sites, so there is quite a variety out there.

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It looks more like a sideways mouse to me.

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:-) Happy
:-D Really Happy
;-) Sarcastic / Joking
:-( Sad
:-/ Worried
:-| Ambivalent
B-) “Cool” (wearing sunglasses)
:-O Surprised
=-O Really Surprised
o_O Confused (kinda like rising one eyebrow, this one is not sideways)
:-* Kiss
<3 Heart / Love
>:-O Angry
0:-) Angellic, Innocent
:’( Crying
:-X Keeping my mouth shut
:-P Sticking my tongue out – Joking

Those are most of the ones I see on a regular basis anyway.

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Well I must have a dirty mind because when I first saw <3, I thought penis.
MrItty, great list but you forgot one;

?:^ )


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@shrubbery: Thank you very much. Thank you very much. (typed in my best Elvis voice)

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uhm. That’s a rather… er… painful looking penis, shrubbery…..... :-/

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Well that’s what I thought, MrItty, so I was very o_O! (also written as =S or :-S)
Luckily I worked it out before I disclosed this to anyone. That could have been awkward… and rather embarrassing.

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There must be some off-color ones. These two are ones that my dear ex-sister-in-law uses frequently when referring to a person who is an ass, or one who is a little bit more than bitchy. She has issues, but I <3 her. (There has got to be a better heart out there). Funny, with Fluthers markup they don’t look right so I had to put spaces between the lines. Ahhh well, you get the drift….

(_ v _)

(_ I _)

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( . ) ( . ) (<—- boobages for Sueanne)

Then, there’s my favorite, the Pope!
+ – < :-)

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I <3 the ?:^ )


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Well, sure there’s “off color” ones.
(o)(o) for breasts with slightly more nipular area than AlenaD’s emotion.
<====3 for male genitalia (with more or less =‘s as desired…)
(ยก) for female genitalia


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!:^ ) @:^ ) #:^ ) $:^ ) |:^ ) ~:^ )

They could be a whole family. I can’t stop now. Thanks shrubbery.

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Some ppl have way too much time on their hands!!!! lmao

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