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Would this be violating a trademark?

Asked by Chukkamans (4points) October 1st, 2008

At my workplace there is a new and very unpopular management initiative making many changes. One of their slogans is ‘Just Do It’ and I was wondering if this infringes Nike’s trademark on the phrase. i would love to be able to unleash the lawyers of a multinational corporation upon these people. Anyone know if they’re allowed to use it freely?

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It depends on the way they are using the phrase. If it is just an internal thing, then there wouldn’t be any likely repercussions.

This article explains a bit more:

A trademark does not mean, however, that no one else can use your word, phrase, or symbol in connection with any and all goods and services. It means only that somebody else can’t use a similar trademark with similar goods or services. The key criterion: trademark infringement occurs when someone else’s use of a trademark would likely cause confusion about the source of goods or services. Avon, for example, has trademarked “Let’s talk” for a variety of commercial uses, including door-to-door retail merchandising. But that hasn’t stopped another company from trademarking “Let’s talk” for use with voice-activated computer software, because consumers are unlikely to get confused and believe that Avon is pitching software, or that a software company is hawking lipsticks.

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Therir number is 1800.806.6453. Why don’t you call them and ask?

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That first article pretty much confirms what I feared. It was worth a try though. Guess I’ll have to find some other way to buck the system. Thanks for the responses.

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No, but it violates some standard of originality.

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Good point. Believe me, these people are far from original. They’re recycling old ideas developed at Toyota in the 50’s. They’re getting handsomely paid for this trash too.

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