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Change Facebook colors?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) October 1st, 2008

Besides the old Firefox/Greasemonkey trick. Is there any other way?

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I use stylish (for firefox), and my facebook is normal except that the top bar is black to match the rest of my .. well pretty much my entire black and white theme going on on my vista system

First time I came across stylish i wasn’t sure what exactly it can do, but I just really modded out my firefox and now it’s really looking quite slick.

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Why would you want to? It’s facebook not myspace.

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because maybe some people like to make stuff look differently?

others can’t see the changes, it’s solely user base, not network so its not like you change the way your facebook looks compared to everyone, it’s just rendered differently using code.

and thank god facebook hasn’t turned into myspace! but I’m pretty sure the devs of facebook are going to keep it that way, especially seeing it’s such a huge corporation now. Hopefully they don’t get to power hungry and put up like a billion ads, which oh I will note, stylizer IS good for removing ads.. for pretty much any website.

better loading times!

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greasemnky is the only way, but c’mon… we have myspace for that… don’t ruin facebook.

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Aside from wondering why the hell you’d bother, you could hack their site and change the colouring for everyone…

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i had a bad experience with greasymonkey, slows firefox down to much too, stylish is the way to go for sure, plus you can get addons for tons and tons of websites, same addons as those with greasymonkey for the most part minus all the slower load times and crashes in part thanks to greasymonkey (sorry i could just be a greasymonkey hater here lol)

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Here is a Firefox add-on for customizing Facebook colors. It doesn’t require Greasemonkey: –

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