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Facebook's iOS app: any way to optimize or stabilize its performance?

Asked by marmoset (1311points) April 8th, 2013 from iPhone

I have this issue only with the FB app; all other apps are responsive (even big and processor-intensive ones) and this happens even when I force-quit every app but FB. FB app is freezy and crashy, and sometimes like quasi-freezy (taking 30+ seconds to begin scrolling or to otherwise respond to a touch). I’m running the most recent FB app on (by necessity) OS 5. Normally configured and non-jailbroken iPhone 4, with no other performance issues.

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It’s buggy. Well it is on my iPad first gen, iOS 5.
I’ve learnt to deal with the crashes and freezing, and I suggest you do the same too.
Or you could try using FB through safari.

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I use FB’s iOS App, as well as on iOS Chrome and iOS Safari. The mobile-browser versions are generally more stable, however, iOS Chrome crashes on me a lot, too – not always while on FB. I am more diligent than most about clearing my ‘multi-tasking queue and periodically restarting my devices to clear the cache and other temporary files, yet I still get crashes from those two apps.

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It’s slow as hell on my iPhone too when everything else works just fine. You would think a company as big as FB could bring out a better quality product. Pretty disappointed with them really.

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