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Is there anyone out there taking kombucha. tea, and if you are is there anyone taking it with Hormone Replacement Therapy? Have you had any side affects.

Asked by Salty (52points) October 1st, 2008

I have been taking the tea and find that I feel much better but having lots of problems with hot flashes etc. They call it perimenopause of the stage that I am in. The tea may help if I stay on it long enough, but would like to know from the people out there on whether it has benefited them in similar situations. I just got my prescription of special combination of hormones and hoping I won’t have a reaction tonight. Any input would be appreciated.

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Sally; Kombucha, made right and drunk in moderation is OK. Google it for more info. There were several deaths asssociated with it a while ago.

I have just read that accupunction, which is safe, can help with hot flashes, etc. Try it. I had eight sessions for another issue, and it was comfortable and interesting.

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