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Monitor for Video Work?

Asked by leftspin (56points) August 11th, 2007

What's a good flat-screen computer monitor for video work? I'm looking for a good price/performance balance, even if it's a bit more expensive.

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the best computer monitors for any creative project are the Apple Cinema Displays -- they are really expensive but awesome visual quality

If you want something cheap try Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP

also take a look at CNET's top monitors list

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I'd recommend the Dell 2407wfp. Dell has solid quality and great prices... Their monitors consistently top out the price/performance ratio. I'd avoid the cheapest ones though, but the 2407 is supposed to be great. (I've been very satisfied with my 2007wfp).

Also, I'm assuming you mean "flat-panel" not "flat-screen"--which can actually refer to the CRTs (though for high end video work, you could want one of those, so perhaps I'm mistaken.)

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I have a dell flat panel and its great. I have had no problems from it.

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What kind of stuff are you doing? The apple cinema displays are awesome but expensive, as said. For video work I would recommend having a separate screen as a monitor. I think I agree with Ben, that a flat screen CRT would be the best for monitoring. A nice normal CRT also works great and I'm sure you can find one easily. A great and easy setup is to have an LCD, whatever you prefer, for your editing, and output to a nice big CRT to monitor. Then you can monitor, at least in FCP, and I'm sure in Avid, on both a small box on your LCD and big picture on your CRT when you need it. Seeing it on the CRT will also help if you are going to color correct yourself at all.

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yes all the advice above is gd...if your editing projects are primarily in Standard Definition then the best is to get an NTSC CRT display. Although many displays these days are LCD and claim to support High Definition true HD capable displays should support screen resolutions up to 1990x1200 pixels-the aspect ratio for true 1080 HD. Beware as some of the budget LCDs that support HD only support 720p with a resolution of 1440x990. Just know that buying one of those you won't be able to adequately monitor all 'flavors of HD'.

That said the Apple 30" cinema display is a sure bet provided you habe the proper dual-stripe video card-or else a HD video card w/HDMI and an actual Plasma display may be the way to go here for professional work.

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depending on what city your in you should check the local rent houses or even some editing houses, I grabbed an sgi monitor for 200.00 used they retailed for about 3 grand. If your just starting out its a good way to go until you start making cash.

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