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If you were driving cross-country, and were forced to bring a breakfast cereal mascot - who would it be?

Asked by sferik (6099points) August 11th, 2007

Here are a few ideas, but feel free to think "outside of the box."

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Kelloggs Chocos (they dont sell it here in the US) but its the best cereal ever

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I was asking about mascots. What do you think of the Chocos bear as a travel partner?

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Quaker Oats Man! That's how I roll.

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The Chocos Bear would be an awesome travel buddy but a bit emberrasing i guess

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I would bring the amazing Mr. Kashi of Kashi Go Lean fame. He is a great navigator and can drive a stick shift.

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@mirza: It's becoming clear why you asked your bear question before....

If only there were a cereal mascot that combined the sexiness of a long-haul trucker with the road smarts of a Swedish bikini model. Oh, wait...

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Wait, does Krusty the Clown count? I mean, he is on Krusty-O's. Now that would be something else . . .

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wheaties mascot is a pro athlete...preferably a female gymnast for me

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That was going to be my second answer, gooch. Excellent call.

I just noticed the wicked (and totally accidental) pun in my earlier reply. I'm giving myself a great answer, too.

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I'm thinking the rice crispies guys. They seem like devious little elves, which are always good to have around.

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Two words: lucky charms leprechaun.

Make that three.

No you know what...leave it two and I'll have my new leprechaun road dog take care of it later.

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Tony the Tiger. Totally.

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Tony the Tiger ‘cause he could be a great alarm clock. You sleep in a little bit longer than you should have and he shouts, “There Grrreat!”

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