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Most stable currency ? Dollar, Euro, Pound, Dinar?

Asked by Tahir (5points) October 2nd, 2008

With investment banks going bust and financial institutions going down, what is the best way to keep the value of your savings.

Either buy gold, or convert to one of the other currencies. In case of devaluation, which currency should I convert to, i.e which one would survive the economic recession ?

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No answers :). Seems like everyone is busy with Plain-Biden debate…

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Gold. No matter what happens to our dollar it’ll be worth something.

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Theres no answer as such which currency is most stable.But looking at the current scenario of Financial crisis,trading sould be done in other than US$.Trading is being done in US$ every where just bcz of force and not bcz of choice.If given a chance every nation will try to trade in other currency.For instance,post 2006,Russia started selling its commodities in euro and rubles and has given up US$ reserves.Japan,China and Iran too started trading oil in Yuan.So now countries can exercise freedom and start trading in euro as it is stable.This is what i feel.

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The EWI Stable Currency Index, maintained by Elliott Wave International (the world’s largest market forecasting company) chooses four international currencies as the most stable:

1. The Swiss Franc

2. The Singapore Dollar

3. The New Zealand Dollar

4. The US Dollar

To make this determination, EWI takes 8 factors into consideration – the liquidity of its banking system, its national savings rate, its central bank’s integrity and transparency, the history of its legal system, the extent of its political neutrality, the degree to which it is isolated geographically, its prospects for inflation, and geographical detachment from the other selections.

Note that the EWI index is revised when circumstances require revision and that the currencies mentioned above should only be considered “currently” stable.

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Thanks for that post. I never heard of the EWI Stable Currency Index.
I did a quick google search to see what it was about.
I found this page, which has a very grim outlook for what will be happening. It was taken from something written in 2003, some of which has all ready happened, some very recently.

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