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Why is Windows telling me two different values for free space?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) October 3rd, 2008

Right-click on my C: drive, select Properties, and it says I have ~15GB of free space.

Run the defrag.exe utility (in C:\Windows\System32) and it reports that I have ~40GB of free space.

As you can imagine, if defrag.exe was wrong, then it would likely be shuffling files around and overwriting stuff willy-nilly. The system wouldn’t last a week like that (running defrag.exe nightly).

What gives?

Running on Win XP SP2.

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JDiskReport and WinDirStat both seem to support the ~15GB free space scenario.

So, now defrag.exe is kinda scarin’ the bejeebus outta me.

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Do you have multiple partitions on the drive?

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Oh. Hold on.

Tell you what, nevermind. I might be comparing wrong dates.

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