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Are you still collecting the state quarters?

Asked by MrItty (17381points) October 3rd, 2008

Alaska, the 49th state, came out recently. Only Hawaii is left for the fifty states (yes, I know DC and the territories start next year).

Did you start collecting the state quarters way back in 1999? Are you still collecting them now? Or did you lose interest somewhere in the intervening 9.8 years?

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I started to collect the first five that came out, then I had $1.25 that I couldn’t spend. So I gave up/lost interest and spent it.

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I was collecting them, but someday i needed them to do my laundry and never started again LOL!!!

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I do, but I’m still 40 states behind

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We started collecting them when they first came out for our daughter. We have continued to collect them. We have them all, except Alaska and Hawaii.

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Yes we have a set for both of my daughters.

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As a bit of a contrarian, the only quarters I would collect would be the old ones.

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nope. but i think my mom does

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Yes, my dad and I have both collected them religiously. My dad goes to the bank the day they come out and buys a couple rolls of uncirculated ones. Our biggest problem is mint marks (coins are made for circulation in two places, Denver, which has the D mint mark, and Philidelphia which has the P mint mark)...we live in an area served by the Denver mint, so it’s hard for us to get our hands on quarters with the P mint mark.

We also collect mint and proof sets of every quarter for every year, so actually I’ve had all 50 states in mint and proof (and silver proof) versions for a while now. I’m a few P’s shy of completing my folder of ones I’ve collected out of circulation, but my dad can get me the D’s of any quarter I want. So I’ve got 3 maps (where I only need one mint mark) and a book with D’s and P’s, that’s going to be my bigggest challenge. I also started collecting the 1965–1998 quarters recently, figuring that eventually we’re going to see fewer and fewer of them (I don’t go pre 1965, because coins minted in ‘64 and before were made out of silver and you almost NEVER find one of those in change because the melt value is far greater than a quarter…but obviously if I find them I keep them, I just have no aspirations of getting a full set, which I think I CAN do with the post ‘65 state and non state quarters).

I collect all manner of coins, so these kinds of special collectors things are fun for me.

Oh, and BTW, I got an email yesterday, it said to hold on to all of your Minnesota quarters because the mint is recalling them. They don’t work in parking meters because of the design which was crafted by a Swede from Minnesota. Two dimes and a nickel taped together just seems to be too thick.

You see, I can tell that joke because I’m a Minnesotan.

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I was but I really needed some gas money one day and, well, there that went.

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Love the new avie loser!! So appropriate, ha ha!!

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Who could resist this face?!!

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with luck, over half of the elctoral college…. ;-)

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Loser, now you finally found an avatar that matches your nickname!

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I’ve been collecting them all with my son – and we still haven’t found any 2008s, otherwise we have them all.

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my husband has all 50. he has been an avid collector – always watching out to see if he gets new ones that are in better shape than the ones he’s already put away.

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There are now going to be 7 quarters for the various US territories (including D.C) released this year.

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I was a little kid when I first started collecting in 1999. Meaning it held my interest for about a couple months and that’s it.
My parents even got me one of those little maps you stick all of the quarters in.
It’s collecting dust somewhere.

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