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Are there any standard or standardish sentences that contain all 44ish English phonemes a la "quick brown fox..."?

Asked by moondog (38points) October 3rd, 2008

Has anyone ever seen an example sentence or paragraph that tried to accomplish this? Maybe we could all come up with some of our own sentences…Seems like the tough part might be the 20 different vowels… Here is one list of English phonemes:

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How about these pangrams found on ?

Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
Just keep examining every low bid quoted for zinc etchings.
Quick jigs for waltz vex bad nymph.
Astronaut Quincy B. Zack defies gravity with six jet fuel pumps.
The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

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Granted, all these sentences do is contain every letter in the English alphabet, not capture all the sounds, but they are fun.

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Heh, I didn’t get it at first too. Wikipedia has a list of fun panagrams. At least now I’m following this, should be fun :)

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