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How would you define the Human Spirit?

Asked by fireside (12354points) October 4th, 2008

Many people see humans as a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit. How would you define this spirit? If you don’t believe in a spirit, then how would you define what other people call a spirit?

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I believe the human spirit is the person’s values based on the reasoning of the mind. So the spirit and mind intertwine.

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Spirit is the spark of the divine in you. It is what you ovserve your body and mind with,and what nourishes you when the external world does not.

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Spirit and Mind are the same. Spirit and body are the same. If you can define mind, you define spirit. Otherwise what is the difference between body and mind? mind=brain. Brain=body. spirit=mind. spirit=body.

continuing this fluthering…

I think there is a difference between human spirit and the soul. With this in mind…would atheists, agnostics, the spiritually minded, theologian, steadfast believers of any religion or following agree? The human spirit is the expression of the human condition as a living organism and/or the expression of self preservation. Sometimes the self is the individual, and sometimes it is the species, community, culture or family. The Shawshank Redemption (Steven king story; great movie), Monsters Ball, 12 and Holding, L.I.E…these are modern stories/movies about the human spirit.

I think of human spirit as in a soul, a metastasized energy which binds all the physical organ systems together coupled with a clearly defined sense of self awareness would require perhaps a different definition and different sources of reference. This leans towards a definition of human spirit as a noun and not as a verb. I would attempt to explain the spirit as a kenetic spark of two arcs. One ignites the physical organ systems with renewable energy and the other ignites our conscienous, our awareness of self.

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or is spirit derived from natural instincts that we(contrary to what society has manipulated us to believe), as humans, naturally harness. Are all our actions and thoughts just a reaction to the “want” of survival and procreation? Certainly this is true in nature, but within our circles that we have created that go against the natural tendencies of an ecosystem we seem to forget that our bodies are really only a vehicle for our conscious and that archetype humans do not exist tangibly. Should we separate ourselves from the animal kingdom? Are we god’s creation? Anything is possible because nothing other than ones consciousness can be proven to exist. only your perception exists…

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I think of the “HUMAN SPIRIT as “All human thought and action which promotes equality, freedom from oppression, natural justice and anything that enhances the triumph of love”.I am aware that my definition is very general and the concepts I’ve used may need defining. For example “triumph of love” here, is a continuing process, not something which has been achieved.

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Mind, Body, Spirit

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Author, Flesh, Essence

Information, Matter, Energy

Creator, Creation, Life

Truth, Justice, Liberty

Most materialists consider the universe to be comprised of two agents, Energy and Matter.

The digital age has brought forth a new entity that we were previously unaware of. We call it Information. Information is an immaterial entity. It is proof of an immaterial realm. Information always comes from a mind. There is no known source of Information that arises from the world of chaos.

Information is the Truth about any given thing. It is a description, a set of instructions. It’s what the Bible speaks of when it says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God. And the Word became flesh”.

Information is a thought from a mind. A thought from a mind represents that mind. They are essentially the same. When the mind changes, the thought changes.

Mind is not the Brain. The Brain is a physical medium used to manifest a mind thought into the material realm. Out of pure mind thought, a bridge is built. It’s like magic.

The body of the bridge is its physicality… Its material substance.

The Spirit of the bridge relates to its original intended purpose from the mind. But with humans, its different. Humans have the God like ability to author, create, father, new words. Humans have a mind of their own. It produces immaterial Information, and so the mind is also an immaterial agent separate from the physical brain.

The human mind can thus create a new spirit for itself, unlike the bridge. All mind thoughts are constructing our spirit essence into one of an angry spirit, a kind spirit, a jealous spirit, a giving spirit… We were created from a mind. We then proceed to create our own spirit.

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The Spirit is the highest You.
The body is the lowest you.

The soul is the go between the two, it mind both and determines which “you” you would follow.

One would eventually dominate the other,

So therefore if the body dominates the Spirit, the Spirit then becomes redundant.

Likewise the body when dominated by the Spirit.

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