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Why are there a limlited amout of questions you can ask a day on fluther?

Asked by Amish_Ninja (225points) October 4th, 2008

Answer the question, you know you want to.

I could see only giving points for the first three questions a day, but letting people ask more than three.

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So people don’t flood Fluther with silly questions.

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Isn’t that putting a restriction on the ammount of good and informative questions someone could ask as well?

Anyway, if people really wanted to flood the site with silly questions couldn’t they just get a bunch of friends and do it anyway?

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I believe its to make people ask much better questions with more thought and not just waste people time. If you had unlimited amount of questions a day there would probably be lots of spam. It also lets people get to questions faster. Your question would be on the home screen longer so you would get answers faster. “You have three questions. Use them wisely.”

Sorry about my slow typing. I’m on an iPhone.

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if you do have many interesting questions, it will force you to spread them over a few days, extending the “interestingness.”

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I must admit this is ticking me off though. At first I had no idea on the limit, and anyway I’m not that interesting. Why no limit on the “stupid” responses people can make?

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You can flag responses and specify why, including your personal comment. If you are really ticked off, invent your own site and guidelines. There are lots of interesting answers here so you can learn and grow, if you want.——->Yahoo!

And mods do intervene when answerers chat too much or get out-of-control.

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I’m just wondering what the difference is between monitering the questions and answers on here.

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I am speculating, but with unlimited questions, some people have made it their day’s work to flood the system with weird, silly, narrow, and attention-grabbing questions.

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The reason there are a limited number of questions is because “once upon a time” there weren’t. In those days, Fluther experienced this new creature called the Query Spam Monster. He looked somewhat like a Spam can, but had a huge ”?” as a logo.

Because he kept spewing frivolous questions such as:

“Why is the sky blue?”
“Who is God?”
“Do you like the iPhone [check yes or no]?”

The Fluther decided the only sufferable remedy would be to limit the number of questions any individual jelly could ask in any given day.

Some might see this limitation as a handicap, but they are the minority. The majority of this collective likes the change, and appreciates the clean feel of the question stream.

The end.

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@squirbel: maybe it was some A.I. trying to learn and become conscious.

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Just to make sure we mix it up a bit.

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@loser; I like the new glasses but still hate the hair-do.

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