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What are some web sites that might help address a phobia of general anesthesia?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) October 5th, 2008

I’m not talking one that would say “see a therapist”. I’m looking for one with documentation, info, anecdotes.

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if you’re going for surgery, they give you the IV and before you know it you’re waking up. bam that’s it. are you having surgery?

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Here is an article from the NIH’s PUB Med entitled “Reducing the Fear of General Anesthesia that you might find helpful.

This article offers some comforting statistics:

“General anesthesia has never ever been safer than it is today, and it is extremely safe. Something on the lines of 1 in 200000 people who are healthy that undergo general anesthesia for elective procedures have an adverse event that could lead to serious injury or death. 1 in 200000. That’s the high end. On the low end, statistics show 1 in 400000. That is extremely rare. You are more likely to die in a plane crash, God forbid, or 10 times more likely to die in a car crash if you drive a car. So again the risk of anesthesia is quite overblown in the media and in the press and so on. There’re literally millions of elective surgery procedures done ever year, and very few people actually have a bad reaction enough to cause death.”

Here is one that treats it with hypnosis.

There are several others too.

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It isn’t the fear of complications or death. It’s the idea of being “put under”; being out of control. I don’t even allow myself to get “drunk” and even “fear” sleep if I think about it the process. As a kid they once used ether and held me down while it was administered and it left a bad impression.
@ika, there are some voluntary procedures I WON’T get because they involve general.

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I have found that the fear of being unconscious and out of control (of your own safety) is related to the amount of trust you have, in your physician or surgeon.

The more trust, the less fear.

I have been very lucky, in that with only 2 exceptions in my life, I have had a terrific relationship with all of my doctors and surgeons, because I was, literally, trusting them with my life.

If you don’t trust the doctor or surgeon caring for you, then you need to keep looking until you find such a person, who does inspire confidence.

Whatever challenges you are facing, Sir, please know that you have my very best wishes and prayers for your success with “it.”

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Thanks, Jack. But I think even God could be my doctor and I’d panic about the general anesthesia!

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Please note that any website you can find (or have recommended to you) will not address the root problem.

You might need a headshrinker for that, and as one who has gone to them on occasion, there is no loss of honor or dignity, in asking a professional for some help.

That’s why I am not the only person on this planet; I need others on occasion, and I am so glad that “they” are available!

Again, you have my very best thoughts.

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Right back at ya, Jack!

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