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What's this song?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) October 5th, 2008

I can’t think of the name but it seems I want to say it’s from the 80’s or the 60’s just because it seems like one of those war songs, I also think it was in the movie Full Metal Jacket. Anyway the lyrics sound like “I wanna bang bang bang, bang bang all day.” and they just repeat. I can’t find anything on google unless it’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, do you guys/gals think you can help me out?

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I think it was probably Surfin’ Bird by TheTrashmen

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UPDATE: More lyrics are something like “Don’t you know about the bird, I wanna bang bang while the bird is away” If you were watching Family Guy on Fox that song was sorta featured.

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Yup that’s the one.

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I hate that i thought of that song but then decided against it because your lyrics were no where in there. <face palm>

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Did you see the new Family Guy tonight? It was all about that song!!

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Has anyone heard the “I don’t want to meet your mum, I just want to BANG BANG BANG!”
really funny (and childish) flash animation :p

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Found that song while searching for this one and it was terrible.

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NO way xxporkxsodaxx group X is awesome. I mean come on how can you not like this

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X is awesome!
Glad you found your answer.

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