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How to keep a tab on my cell phone bill?

Asked by nick2008 (15points) October 5th, 2008

I am an entrepreneur. My business requires a lot of overseas trips. I cannot avoid answering calls even when I am in a foreign land. So I usually end up with hefty cell phone bills. I do not know how to keep a tab on my cell phone bill.

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Try they have lower rates for that. That’s one legal option that can save u some money.

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There are services that offer unlimited calling for a flat rate of around $35/month. MetroPCS is just one company like that, and they have no contracts for you to sign.

If you don’t like that, you might wish to try a pre-paid service, such as TracFone.

One way to keep tabs on cell phone usage, is to go to an office supply store and purchase a “telephone diary” or “telephone log book” that you can carry with you.

Inside, there are spaces (like in any ledger book) where you can note the time, date and length of each call you make, plus spaces to reference the number dialed, the person spoken to, and the start/end times. That little book is also a good reference tool for your CPA to use, when preparing business expenses and deductions for your corporate income taxes.

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It just occurred to me that IF you are traveling in a nation where Caller ID is supported on your cell phone, then you could, in theory, see the names/numbers for each call displayed, and those callers who can “wait” until your return stateside can be ignored by you, and they will automatically be routed to your answering service where they could hear a prepared outgoing message that says something similar to, “Hey, I’m out of the country for a little while, but I’ll call you as soon as I return.”

This assumes, of course, that the Caller ID part of your service will work, Over There.

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Can you get a foreign phone for use while abroad and simply forward your cell phone number to that number while you are there? Then just get a pay as you go phone or whatever while you are abroad.

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