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Which do you prefer? Dine-in, drive-through or take out?

Asked by archondigital (7points) October 6th, 2008
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home cooked meal, either my own or drive by my moms’ place :), at least I know it will be good and know who made it as well as won’t get any food poisoning.

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Mostly dine-in, one a blue moon take out, never drive-through.

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Dine-in or take-out. Not drive through.

I really like good take out. I prefer to eat in the comfort of my own home, but sometimes the food doesn’t travel well. So if it does, I prefer take out. If it doesn’t, dine in.

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Fast food is always take-out for us. If I gotta eat it at least I can do it in the privacy of my own home. Some people’s dining habits, especially in fast food settings, can be a little off-putting.

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I prefer to dine out, take out comes next. And I’ll be driving thru tonight!
I wish they had drive in grocery stores; you could call in your order and they’d have it for you. You’d never have to get out of your car. It would help impulse buying.

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Drive through is a necessary evil if you’re on a highway on a tight schedule and yet REALLY hungry. There is no other excuse for doing that to yourself. Bad food, uncomfortable eating location, and, you know, the danger of killing yourself looking for that ketchup packet.

Usually I prefer dine-in. The only time I’d rather do take out is if a group of friends are gathering to watch tv or a movie or to play cards or similar. Then we’ll order a pizza or chinese and take it back to whomever’s house.

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Never dine-in at a fast food place. Drive through always, mostly to eat on the run in the car, sometimes to eat at home.

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Drive thru isn’t bad; it’s your chice that can be bad. Everything in moderation.

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