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What percentage of Adobe Photoshop's features do you know and use on a regular basis?

Asked by archondigital (7points) October 6th, 2008
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such a good question lol (this is the same question i make fun of mac people for having a mac because “its cool”)

no umm actually I know i use more than any average user, but God I’m sure there is stuff that would amaze me if I knew about it, I use what I need to use and that’s pretty much it, by no means insanely sophisticated, but way more than any typical user.

I’ve moved away from the magic wand since i’ve come to discover the “color range” if that’s what you’re referring to :D lol

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my daughter knows more than i do. i get really confused using it. normally i just crop, scan and resize photos.

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I know more than average users but am no were close to the pros.

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I use the selection and cloning tools the most. I also use heavy amounts of liquify filters among others on gradient shapes to add harder-to-paint things to my pictures.

- That said, I don’t really use photoshop for anything serious, anyway…

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Adjustment layers. Pen tool. Blur and Sharpen. Quick masks. Gradients. Stamp tool. Text.

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I’ve been known to use a little of everything on occasion. I can’t find anything in the toolbar or the Edit, Image, and Filter menus that I haven’t used at least once. (‘cept the notes/annotation tools.)

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I am an armature photographer and I tend to useā€¦

Spot heeling brush
Quick selection tool
Brush tool

Reduce noise
Smart sharpen
Lighting effects

Adjustment layers:
Selective colors

Auto-align layers
Smart objects
Refine edge
Quick mask mode
Layer mask

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I am a formal professional. When I am not shooting or writing, I am using photoshop… or sleeping, sometimes. But I usually dream about photoshop, so does that count?

Anyway, I have used every tool, on more then one occasion, except the measure command. That seems to do nothing but lag my computer and cause the program to crash, (and yes, I have tried it with two versions and one four machines, it is probably something wrong with the mac version, or I am just using it completely wrong.) I do everything from photo restoration (which, most of the time, involves MANY of the functions in PS) all the way to simple logos and business cards. I personally use most of the CS suite, being a small studio, I have to use and understand most of the what Adobe products do, but Photoshop and Illustrator are my two strong suites.

So, to answer your question: I know Photoshop better then I know myself or my family, and friends, combined.

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its okay itvoar, i’ve only had to use the measure tool once lol and that was for reference when i was making up a design for a paint scheme on an airplane

the more i think about it i think i’ve used pretty much everything just about

now i’m on to learning how to use illustrator doing vector drawings :)

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i think i know 80% but only use 60% of it. i make and design websites btw.

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