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Can you recommend some good kids music?

Asked by jbsterling (5points) August 12th, 2007 from iPhone

besides They Might Be Giants are there any really good kids albums (for a 1 year old) that won't make you want to spot your self in the face?

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little Einstein or just play classical it makes them smarter. It aids in wiring the brain.

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The Shins - WIncing The Night Away, Instant Karma: The Campaign For Darfur

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An artist called The Boy Least Likely To

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The Putomayo world music label has a number of world music CDs for kids. Often available at libraries.

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The Broadway Kids Sing Broadway. I mean, if you're willing to put up with show tunes, it's really a fun CD. But if you hate that kind of music, you'll want to punch yourself in the face.

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Some friends of mine just had a baby. They (and I) recommend Elizabeth Mitchell's albums. She's a member of the band Ida, and she has released two children's albums which are really fun and not as annoying as other children's music. They're still definitely children's music. Her website is here.

I will also note that there are other They Might Be Giants albums that kids like. Flood is good.

For more ideas, check out a blog called "Kids Music That Rocks." You can find their review of one of Elizabeth Mitchell's children albums here.

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Johann Sebastian Bach... Classical music is great for kids, even during pregnancy... try it and then in a couple of years u let me know how it went

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maybe some beatles
rubber soul is a nice one

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Raffi was a favorite of my kids and my music students. He's a Canadian singer. I'm sure you can find his CDs on Enjoy.

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my grand daughter loves 2 cds by Christina Harrison—
“Mrs. Paterson’s Daughter” won a 2007 Parent’s Choice Approved Award—
Her other children’s cd, Wee Folk Songs is a favorite too, including songs like
Puff The Magic Dragon, the The Unicorn Song, and My Hamburger Mooed At Me

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