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I accidentally unplugged my iPod before it was "safe", now it won't turn on. Is there a way to fix it myself?

Asked by DKO (3points) August 12th, 2007
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plug it back up and it should reset or you can reset it throgh iTunes if that dont work

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theres multiple ways to reset your ipod (without losing your music)
reset iPod

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I've reset my own iPod using iTunes several times (for various reasons).

With iTunes open, plug in your iPod. Once it's been recognized, you'll see a 'reset to factory settings' option in iTunes (not the exact wording but you get the gist). Select that option, and the sotware will reformat the iPod for you. Afterwards, you can resync your media files.

It's been a fairly painless (though time-consuming) activity each time I had to do it.

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Hold Menu Select.

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Don’t wory about it. it will reset.

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