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How do I transfer AddressBook Contacts to another account?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) November 17th, 2008

I’m making another profile/account on my Macbook and I want to transfer (1) my Address Book contacts and (2) my safari bookmarks. Is there a way to do this?

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got a MobileMe account?

Even if not you can sign up for a 30 day trial and use Sync

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1) Use the “Back up Address Book…” option from the File menu.
2) Make sure the resultant backup file is in a place where you can access it from the other account.
3) Use the “Revert to Address Book Backup…” option from the File menu, selecting the previously made backup file.

Safari should have similar functionality, but I can’t check because I’m in the middle of an update and I need to restart before Safari will start up properly.

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Safari has import and export commands in the File menu.

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File > Import Bookmarks/Export Bookmarks

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I need to pull my old contacts directly from a time machine backup of an old Leopard install. Does anyone know the path to the folder they are in? Or are they in a folder…?

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Plug in the time machine drive, and launch Address Book. Then choose Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine menu, and scroll Address Book backwards in time to the point at which you can see and restore the contacts you want.

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The drive doesn’t mount as a time machine device. It instead launches as a vanilla FW device. I figured it out, anyways… Thanks.

In /Library/Application Support of where ever the backup is stored, is a folder for Address Book. Copying this folder into the new library of the new user at the same location will completely migrate the Address Book, including contact pictures and histories (I think).

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@blastfamy Ahh, I see. Yeah, that’s so that you can use the same drive to backup more than one Mac.

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@blastfamy, you are a horrible horrible person. Go die in a fire!

Forgot to mention that the path starts in the user folder…
~/Library/Application Support

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Open address book
Click on file name; highlight all cards (command A)
click on “file,” “export,” “export v card”
In drop down menu, type file name you want in “save as” field.
In side bar, click on Macintosh HD, Click “users” file, “shared,” click on save.
Quick change to secondary account. Go into Finder, Click on Macintosh HD, click on users, click on shared files. You will see the file you just named. Click on the file you just named. Drop down appears: “Are you sure you want to import cards?” Click “import.”

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