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Do you believe that every person has an addiction?

Asked by St.George (5852points) October 6th, 2008

If so, what’s yours? If not, how do you stay balanced?

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My coffee mug says “Yes”.

Also, I don’t think I’ve been off the Internet for more than 8 hours. Definitely an addiction. I kind of don’t want to kick these habits.

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Mine is answering people’s questions.

Flutter provides an ample amount, and makes being around me sufferable in real life.

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Absolutely. Not always of the nefarious, harmful variety, but an addiction to something nonetheless. Mine is suppression. Out of site, out of mind. Fortunately, suppression is the healthy flip side of over-analyzing everything, which I am prone to do.

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I’m addicted to several things, but I know people who aren’t addicted to anything.

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@shadling21 same two vices for me as well.

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Editing and Milo.

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Gail, editing as in proofreading?
If so, you would love my job! That’s all I do! Okay, that, and take my boss’s massive calculator from 1970 to the office supply store (it is literally bigger than my laptop) to see if they still make the ink ribbon for it. I had never even heard of this whole “ribbon” concept…

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@La Chica; Ah, the days of fingers smudged with red and blue ink. (And the old mimeograph machines). Two sentence fragments (actually, three).

@gadfly; out of sight, out of mind – unless you are making a bad pun about the net.

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I do actually remember mimeograph machines. I really like that all of my school papers were written in purple ink when I was in first grade. I’m not sure I really understood that there were different types of copy machines, but I liked the words being written in purple.

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@La chica: but you don’t remember having to type the master on a portable typewriter and crank the machine (useful in the days when people didn’t go to the gym after they left Jr.High.) And the purple ink was impossible to remove from clothing or skin.

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I remember a time before laser printers, if that counts for anything.

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A friend of mine would like to weigh in on this matter.

“These are not addictions. Ask someone who has been addicted to a drug.” Ok I’m stopping them before they get sensational.

Their point is nonetheless valid in the sense that several fluthers have provided examples of habits and compulsions.

That said I believe that everyone has a compulsion of some sort. Mine is an orderly desk. I’m not too keen working at a disorderly desk.

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arggggggg, so many typos tonight!!! That should read “I really liked that…my papers were purple”

Okay, VanBantam, I’ll answer the question. I wouldn’t say I have any real addictions. I have my little issues. I get on fluther too much. I check my e-mail too much. I’m pretty much addicted to my boyfriend.
-Have to see him every day for at least a few hours
-Am miserable when in fight with him
-Would commit a crime if I thought it would help me get more of him
-Probably talk about him way too often
-Am talking about him now


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@Van – Very good point. I don’t mean to belittle the word addiction. But caffeine is an addictive substance, and there was a time when I suffered severe headaches and nausea when I didn’t get my daily dosage. I make light of my attachment to the Internet, but I’m afraid that if it wasn’t for school and work, I’d spend the entire day on here.

In the grand scheme of things, however, these things are (as La chica gomela said) “little issues”. They don’t harm my loved ones. And that is probably the major difference.

HOWEVER, Fluther does harm my grades, while coffee harms my wallet (and apparently my memory).

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Smoking. It’s my only real addiction, but I am also a compulsive Flutherer.

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- cleaning and organization
– reading comic books
– chocolate chip cookies
– Fluther

All of them, once a day without fail.

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(-Eureka! deffinatley—)

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Gail: Hahaha…and you thought you had exhausted the possibilities!

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@Nimis; Apparently not. There is space for lots of creative imagination, I guess.

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Gail: Creative imagination. Nice.

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yep, we all do.

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@Nim: There is also, sadly, the, overbooked and, over-worked, comma and the strangled dangled participle

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im addicted to sex!

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Jsmithyman- David duchovny?

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