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How can I verify that a motor mount from my car is broken?

Asked by jflyin (3points) October 7th, 2008

The front motor mount in my Honda Pilot was replaced by the dealer because it was “cracked or broken.” I had them save the old parts, and the old mount doesn’t look cracked or broken to me.

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The motor mount has a rubber bushing that is compressed by the weight of the engine when in service. The damage might not be evident without the normal stress on the part. An X-ray would tell more.

If the mount was cracked or broken, you might have noticed more vibration than usual, or felt a slight clunk when accelerating.

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Thanks. That makes sense. I hadn’t noticed any abnormal vibration or clunks, but did notice some degraded handling. I guess since it’s AWD, a shaky motor mount might have affected steering and handling?

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Yeah, it can affect handling. The motor mounts on my RSX were shitty to begin with, and I get a lot of wheel hop when it’s wet. A lot of guys replace them with aftermarkets that are stiffer, but it’s a bloody knuckle job.

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Thanks much.

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