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How much emotion will you express in public?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) October 7th, 2008

Something happens that makes you feel like crying. Would you cry on the street? In the office? In front of people who know you? If it depends, what does it depend on.

Similarly, if you’re happy, do you walk around expressing that happiness to everyone? Telling everyone? Or do you try to keep it inside? Why?

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Whatever spills over, spills over… and most times I don’t care. The only time I care is when I’m wildly upset… I try very hard not to get too hysterical at work.

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Happiness I share. Crying I save for alone-time.

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There is a definite sense of embarrassment and lack of control (unfortunately, something I am hung-up about) when crying in public. Though in other ways, it may be preferable to crying in front of people I actually know. There tends to be less presumption with strangers. When I’m crying, I usually just want to be left alone. Also, there’s no awkward moment afterward. Seeing someone cry is kind of like seeing them in their underpants…a little embarrassing for both parties.

As for my happiness, I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum.
Depends on the type of happiness?

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Maybe it’s our British heritage, but my family tend to be very reserved. Also, my upbringing made me feel that crying was a sign of weakness. When I was raising my own children, I would never let them see me cry, because I was afraid that it would scare them or make them feel insecure. I actually envy people who can express themselves freely. I did burst into tears in public after my husband passed away.

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I wear my heart on my sleeve, so everyone know’s when I’m sad or happy. I’m a very open person, so if I have to cry, I do it.

And I’m ususally happy, so I tend to smile and laugh a lot. Why not spread that around? There’s enough stuff that’s depressing…

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The only time anyone around me has any idea of my emotional state is when I have a bad case of PMS (don’t laugh, it’s been getting worse lately). On those days, everyone steers clear.

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I cry in public all the time, but I pretend I’m not.
I laugh a lot in public too. And I touch people I like very readily.

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Happy stuff, yes.

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If I’m happy, I think everyone knows it. When I’m sad, only those closest to me know. If I have to cry…I try not to do it in public (except in the relative annonymity of my car, driving down the highway). The thing that pisses me off the most about being a woman: I cry when I am furiously angry. I hate that!

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@augustian I cry when angry as well. I hate that.

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It usually takes a lot to make me cry (though it seems to be getting less and less as I get older) so I don’t often do it in public. If I really do feel like I have to cry I let myself because it must be something big enough to make me feel like that so I won’t stop it. Other than that though, I save it.

As for happiness, well, I let my cheery mood spread to those around me but I don’t sort of brag about why I’m so happy or anything, unless it’s an important event, I just let myself be generally happy and hyper.

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British heritage here too. I’ll never forget my mom’s disgust with a neighbor for running up the street crying after learning her mother had just died while babysitting at another neighbor’s house. I thought…give the woman a break.

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happy stuff yes, or anger. but not crying. I’ve seen too many people cry crocodile tears for me to ever assume thatmost public crying is anything except BS. And for real crying by others, well that just disturbs me. I feel so uncomfortable around people who cry in public.

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I will cut loose, I am me and I am the most importent person in the world. I am not concerned about impressing anyone or afraid to hid my emotions. I do not care what anyone feels or thinks but me. And if I want to cry in the middle of a crowed mall I will.

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Yeah, if I were in a mall filled with crows, I think I’d cry, too!

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