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What would your Butler's name be?

Asked by jlm11f (12388points) October 7th, 2008

Yes, I know they come with a name already, but uberbatman (who’s birthday (!!!!) it was yesterday btw), allie and I were discussing what our Butler’s ideal name would be so I figured I would ask the collective for more great names…And of course, most of us won’t have a Butler in our lifetime, but hell, we can dream right?

Now Jeeves, bring me my strawberry smoothie….

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Francesco…why? it was the first thing that popped in my head when I read the question :-P

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Mine would be John(Ryan)Powell.

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Alfred Pennyworth duhhhhhhhh :P

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^ ^ wouldn’t he be called Uber-Alfred Pennyworth?

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Bartleby. Or Wadsworth.. sounds cool.

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I also think Horatio is a good Butler name….sorry Shakespeare

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I like the name Andrew for a butler, for some strange reason…

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John McCain

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Winston, would you please bring me my tea?

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I plan to have a butler some day, mmm, Jeremiah maybe, I like that name for a butler… Like “Jeremiah, I’m going to the club, please prepare the Vantage, also I’ll need a black suit and a white shirt, I don’t have plans to have dinner at home tonight, and send flowers with an “I’m sorry” note to (insert name here), I’ll be back at 9:30, before you go to bed, leave a scoth glass in the studio, thank you, and have a good night.
I love your new avatar :)

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Lol. I saw this at a target.

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alfonso, wont you fetch me the newspaper?

either that or feltch

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Actually, I think I would prefer a French Maid named Sarah.

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If I could have a Jeeves to watch out for me (like Berty Wooster), he could call himself whatever he wanted!

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Willard. Which is also the name I would name my Norwich Terrier, upon getting one, of course.

Despite the fact that I am a girl, I’d still be Willard. Are there women butlers?

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Milo says “Gail.”

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@ gail lurve to gail

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Agadore Spartacus.

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“W”, or maybe “Dick”. Dick, if you don’t mind, please go out back and shoot yourself in the head. Thank you. That was very good.

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John McCain

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Wadsworth. Like in clue! :D

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@loser: I take it you care a republican?

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Nope, Democrat.

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what? oohh I get it. Like he would have to kiss your feet and everything. lol nice

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I might have to let him go, he dropped the economy another time.

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GAIL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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no Jamie does! Wadsworth is the best!!!

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Cap’n Silky Pants

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Something I won’t forget… like Phucknuckle. ”Phucknuckle!!!!!!! Where are yoou!!! Oh, here you are, right next to me. Phucknuckle be so good and pour us a scotch will you, my good man.”

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Would you like to know what it would be or what it is? Because right now it’s mom, but it could also be, The Man, and i know there are many names for this machine.

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In all honestly I can’t imagine ever having a butler.

I would love a cleaning service twice weekly but not to be served by anybody.

I guess I’m “downstairs” class, I wasn’t born to expect servants.

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