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Is there a U/V filtering film that can be safely used on car windows?

Asked by kruger_d (6190points) October 7th, 2008

I am somewhat photosensitive and would like to not have to slather on sunscreen everytime I take a long drive.

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i was doing a science fair project where i had to expose cells to UV radiation (i was gifted) and we found that regular glass should reflect UV entirely. if you’re still getting burned, try sleeping while wearing a brimmed hat.

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Llumar UVShield film is the industry standard (stops 99.9% UVA), but it has to be applied by certified installers.

@ Mtl zack- Laminated auto glass (windshields) stops almost all UVB, and 80% of UVB; but clear, single-layer glass (side windows) stops 97% UVA, and 37% UVA (source)

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Thanks for you responses. I should have clarified that photosensitivity is different burning easily. Reactions differ, but I get an itchy rash the day after exposure. This can happen with a exposure much lower that one which might cause a sunburn. Llumer sound like what I’m looking for.

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