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London Underground Tickets/Passes?

Asked by probably (7points) October 7th, 2008

I’m traveling to London from the U.S. for a week. I’ll be flying in and out of Heathrow and staying and spending the week in Central London. I’ll be using the Underground at various times of the day. The charts and prices of tickets and passes are confusing. Can anyone give me advice for what will be the best value? Thanks!

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It depends on what zones you’ll be frequently traveling between. Look on a map of the places you plan to visit, and then see where they are positioned within the tube zones. Most people only use a couple zones, so your best bet is just to go to a ticketing window and tell them you want a pass good for a week good for the zones you’ll use. It will ultimately save you money rather than risk buying a pass for all zones, or fill an Oyster card with money you may not use up.

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It’s not difficult to figure out once you’re there. I think they’ve got the best system for mass transit. Much eaiser than NYC. I’d buy tickets as you go.

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I was there for a week last summer and found the Oyster card very convenient and affordable.

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