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What would be a good video for my first youtube vid?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) October 7th, 2008

Suggestions for what my friend and i could do for our first youtube video? We want it to be.. funny, yet not too ‘goofy’ and also get a lot of subscribers and views. What kind of video could get lots of hits?

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I think a cooking tutorial would be a great start. Even if you aren’t a great cook – in that case, it would be rather entertaining to see you fail at making the food properly.

Or you could do a straight-up vlog. Adding in friends makes it more dynamic.

A newsreel on a topic you and your friends love.

Or a short skit – something you and your friends find funny, exaggerated.

Try to give whatever you do a new twist – add a story to it or a theme, get some witty banter between “hosts”. Think up interesting camera angles to keep it fresh.

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Use after effects and make a video of you and your friends lightsaber dueling. It’s fun and easy, but it takes almost 10 minutes for each 3 second segment =P

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