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How will you observe yom kippur?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) October 7th, 2008

will you go all out i.e.: no leather, no makeup, no brushing teeth, no washing hands, no shower, no looking in mirrors, no music, and of course no food or water? how many of these things will you observe?

i personally plan to go to kol nidrei on wednesday night, sleep the next day so i dont have to worry about anything until 2:30, and then i have 5 hours left. im taking time off school.

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i’m still trying to decide. i usually i go to kol nidre, stay up late with friends, get up early and go to morning services, sleep all afternoon, and wake up in time to go to neilah servies, then break the fast.

i think i usually bathe. i don’t take any special pleasure in it though.

this year i’m not so sure. i’ll definitely not participate in “worldly activities” like going to school or work, but beyond that…i just don’t feel…very yom kippur like… i don’t know. maybe i will be tomorrow afternoon. we’ll see

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from a distance

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I’m of the all-out variety

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The whole shebang.

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