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Kitchen color combo ideas?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) October 8th, 2008

i’m thinking about giving the kitchen a lift, but i cannot make up my mind on colors that speak contemporary dining. i love the food channel, entertaining, wine and cooking and i want the kitchen to reflect that without paying a small mortgage to get it done.

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Mine, which I love; wide-board pine floors (polyurethaned), natural maple cabinets, white walls, dappled apple-green Italian tile back splash. White appliances, lots of large windows so lots of light.. and a beautiful view of fields, woods and the leaves changing colors on the hills in the middle and far ground.

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@ gail called – mine is almost identical except for a slightly off white clothing in paint on the walls

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Behr Paints has a great feature where you upload a picture of the room you’d like to paint and you can add colors to the walls. It helps you to see how it will look.

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I decorated mine in Tuscanny style, which seems to be very popular recently at the home shows. I have seen tuscan style kitchens where they paint a feature wall in a burnt-orange color. I wasn’t ready to do that since my house is new and the whole house is painted in a cocoa color, but I did decorate using tomatos/garlic/oil bottles/grape vines/wine bottle towels, place mats, dishes, curtains, rugs and accessories. I love it, especially since my kitchen in my last house was all country-style pink and wedgewood blue. I was so sick of pastels!

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My kitchens walls and ceiling are bright orange and the floors and counter tops are black. It actually looks really cool.

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Dark brown looks nice and modern. Here’s a pic of our new remodel. Excuse the curtains, we didn’t have the window coverings when I took the pic. Another good color for kitchens is yellow (gold)

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I like the bright white with cobalt blue and woods look!

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@Judi: Your pic isn’t there :(

My kitchen: Light khaki colored cabinets, mossy green walls, slate look floor. Orangy/red accents in the curtains and towels.

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We had awful 70s oak cabinets. They were in great condition but the dark brown made me ill. I spent about $250 on a sander, HVLP sprayer & air compressor and quality paint. Spray painted them a rich lettuce green. We chose bright white countertops because a. they were cheap and b. they were bright. Then we did a small glass mosaic backsplash for color. It’s super easy to do and adds a ton of color and texture.

Pick 3 colors. One dominant, one contrast/neutral and one out-there to add punch/drama. You cannot go wrong.

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And pick itmustbetaken as well. I get first dibs.

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Charlie, make sure you send pictures when you’re done!

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