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Could i be pregnant again?

Asked by fmguzman08 (9points) October 8th, 2008

About 5 weeks ago i found out that i was pregnant, then the weekend of my wedding i had a miscarriage. I was about 6 weeks along its been hard on me but i try to think positive. My husband and i started having sex again and we dont use protection.I think that i might be pregnant again but i took a pregnancy test and it was negative but i feel pregnant my breasts are sore, im tired all the time, i feel nauseas frequently during the day, im urinating more than usually,and my sense of smell is more so and yesterday i was spotting. so i dont know if im pregnant again and the pregnancy test couldnt detect the hormones? or could i be starting my period soon? or if im going crazy? Maybe im just thinking i am because i still wanna be. i have never had a miscarriage and this would have been my first child. i mean im pretty knowelgeable when it comes to my body but this is just confusing. so i need some help am i pregnant again or am i losing it?

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It isn’t clear to me how long after the miscarriage we are talking about. That said, one option is to try another brand of test. Some are more sensitive to the pregnancy hormone HCG than others. Another option is to wait a few more days, and then retest. Yet a third option is to call your doctor and get a blood test, which will be definitive. Best wishes.

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I am very sorry for your loss.

The pregnancy tests are really pretty accurate. However, to ease your mind, wait a few days and take another test or two….

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You could very well be pregnant again. I know a number of people who have children 10 months apart, meaning they got pregnant a month after they delivered the previous child.

I would wait a week or two and do the pregnancy test again.

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My stepdaughters are nine and half months apart. They started school the same year and graduated this spring. You can get pregnant again really quick.

I am sorry for your loss and wish you all the best.

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The problem with being a woman, is that PMS symptoms are pretty much the same as early pregnancy, which makes things not that easy. Wait some more days, and try the test again.

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I have heard a lot of stories about people spotting during pregnancy or even having regular periods during the 9 months. The best bet would be to have a doctor check it out, that way you wouldn’t have to wonder.

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Go to your doctor.
Hope the best for you.

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i would say go to the doctors. its possible its a false negative or your bodies playing with your mind making you like your pregnant. but its best to get it checked out.

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