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What is the most white trash thing you can think of?

Asked by mghb (115points) October 8th, 2008
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A non-drivable car in your backyard, preferably up on cinder blocks. Several cars, even better.

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My family.

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Calling your wife a c**t in front of your staff.

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Broken appliances on the front porch.

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couches and lay-z-boys on the front lawn.

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Upholstered couch on the front, preferrably sagging.

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at alfreda…beat you by a keystroke

welcome to fluther!

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@alfreda Awesome response, heres some lurve.

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LOL. Thanks, SoapChef

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Snoopy, if you’ve lived in IN and OH, and I’m in KY, we should be subject matter experts on this question!

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Pink sponge curlers and a bad perm.

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Getting pregnant when you’re 15… By your brother. Then getting married… Because a bastard child is just not okay….


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@Alfreda, isn’t “bad perm” redundant?

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Naw, not if you have a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.

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Watching somebody paint their house, then asking “What you doing?” Then asking “Why?”

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@alfreda easy, now. LOL.

(um, I have family in W Va. Does that count too?)

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oh, where to start… let’s go with stopping the car and shooting out the window because you see a deer. or is that a redneck thing?

@drasticdreamer – how about getting married at 14, 16, and 18 to three different people? plus an almost 3 year old child by the… first one? second? who knows?!?

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Styrofoam in a landfill

i think you all answered the question wrong. most of those answers are talking about garbage, but almost none of it is white.

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@snoopy Hey now, I LIVE in WV. lol

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Shooting at stop signs while drunk… favorite activity 20 years ago in high school :-)

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how about taking people’s reindeer at x-mas and putting them in… obscene positions? or shooting at them. either way!

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Listing “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” as your favorite Christmas carol.

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Having White Castle cater your daughter’s wedding reception.

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mmmmmmmmmm White Castle….....

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Nothing like a sack of sliders…

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Blue eye shadow and fake lashes.

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Britney Spears.

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oh, i like the britney spears thing! she IS trash!

how about a wedding where the bride is barefoot (NOT on the beach) and there’s a pig they set to cooking for the reception (NOT a luau!)?

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Halter-tops that halt atop a bulging stomach.

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someone wearing spandex over the age of 5.

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Ok…I’m a city girl who ended up living in West Virginia, on a main street w/ no parking. While renovating my rental property (right next door), I not only parked (my pickup truck) in the front yard, I also had a refrigerator on the front porch for about 2 weeks! My transformation was thus complete.

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@augustLan – now we know more about why your husband wanted to vote for McCain.

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Yep…he’s a native.

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Augustlan, “When in Rome…”

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The best white trash thing I’ve ever witnessed:

We were hungry, (we meaning my wife, then girlfriend and me), and we encountered this restaurant called the Northwood’s Steak Buffet. Right there, pretty white trash, a buffet with all you can eat steak for like 9 bucks or whatever, but like I said, we were hungry, not all that discriminating, and quantity was more important to us than quality on that given day.

So, we go into this garishly decorated place, get our selection of unidentifiable salads and hot dishes, order up our first (and after we tasted them, last) steaks and sit down in this booth toward the back of the dining area where we won’t be spotted (already realizing that a mistake had been made, but we were too far into it to turn back at that point).

Anyway, as soon as we sit down with our food, in walks two women and three small children. One woman picks up one of the small children, a boy about 2 or 3 years old, and stands him on their table, with his shoes on. She takes her hands off of him, and grabs his dirty t-shirt, lifting it up, at which point she asks the other woman, “does this look like eczema?”

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When someone refers to “trailer trash” as “white trash”.

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This find should be credited to JackAdams, but watch this

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Sarah Palin

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@shrub: Was that real? Poor souls!

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I don’t know, sorry Augustlan. You’d have to ask Jack about that, he sent it to me :P But it does indeed look like it’s real…

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The Waffle House Wedding is indeed real, and I have had some of their breakfasts at one in SC, and I can tell ya’ll that their food is indeed terrific.

The question deals with the subject of White Trash, yet many of the answers being offered are of the Jeff Foxworthy variety, as regards his views on what constitutes a Redneck, and the two terms are not synonymous.

For example, if a woman was indeed White Trash, a Redneck would be excited at the prospect of dating her, if for no other reason than the fact that he wanted a change of pace from having his 11-year-old sister (or a cousin), all the time.

But, to definitively answer the orginal question, there are two stories told about White Trash folks, and both of them are probably true.

One of them concerns the kid who wanders into the kitchen and his mother says, “Junior, didja find your Pa?”

The kid says, “Yes’m, he was in the barn out yonder.”

The mother says, “Well, what in tarnation was he doin’?”

The boy replies, “He done hanged hisself.”

The mother asks, “Didja cut him down?”

“No ma’am, I didn’t.”

“Well thunderation, why not?”

“He weren’t dead, yet.”

And the other story is about a kid who is having sex with his sister, and afterwards, she says to him, “Gee, Billy Bob, you done me much better than Daddy ever did!”

He smiles lovingly at her, blushes and says, “Shucks, that’s just whut Ma says!”

(Incest is having the kin you love to touch.)

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There are plenty of signs like this one in rural America, which are erroneously associated with so-called White Trash folks, and that is inaccurate, for the most part.

There is one in Nevada in particular, and a Redneck friend of mine told me that, “It ain’t got nuthin’ to do with no White Trash folks.”

When I asked the why of that, he replied, “Well heckfire, any 5-year-old boy kin figger that out! There ain’t no bullet holes in it!”

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His name is Earl!

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When you call “shotgun” because that’s exactly why you want that seat and you bring a shotgun.

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Wearing cowboy boots with shorts (unless you’re a hawt cheerleader).

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Went to pick up my brother in law at his college last night. What used to be the main entrance is under construction and all torn up, so there are signs leading to the alternate entrance. They were all homemade, spray painted on pressed board. One had an arrow and said “enterance”. I wanted to get a can of spraypaint and paint underneath it “to the collidge”.

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Wuhl Heckfire! I knowed all ‘bouts that! That-there Collidge is the name of the country’s 30th Pressydent! Hot damn!

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having no teeth in your mouth and thinking that’s acceptable.

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It is “acceptable” if she is an accomplished fellatrx, Fella…

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jack: i’m not a fella.

i am woman hear me roar.

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Fella is slang/short for Fellow, which is not gender-specific, and is defined as: “a young physician who has completed training as an intern and resident and has been granted a stipend and position allowing him or her to do further study or research in a specialty ”

Sorry you took offense, Doctor.

(Some folks just have to resist status elevation.)

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According to Señor Webster,
it can also mean:archaic : a worthless man or boy


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Please note the word archaic.

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But not obsolete!

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Yes, obsolete is definitely one of the synonyms shown right here.

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Similar, but definitely not the same.

A linguistic example:
Gander is archaic, but not obsolete.

A non-linguistic example:
Blacksmithing is archaic, but not obsolete.

Sorry. I can be a stickler for details and nuances.

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No disrespect, of course.

But, I’ll take the “word” (pun intended) of a Thesaurus over a single human being, any day.

In a courtroom, I would win, just with that on my side.

Better luck, next time!

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Okay, I’ll admit that Thesaurus kicks Wicki’s butt.
But there are differences between synonyms!

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Let me take a minute to note that the ouch from my earlier comment was a joke on the unintentional insult of your words and not in the 80’s, I’m-still-sporting-my-Hypercolour-shirt-and-BKKnights era of Ouch! Burn! implying that your answer blows. (It wasn’t meant to be antagonistic.)

Just in case that wasn’t clear.

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The Thesaurus was compiled by linguists and lexicographers who are experts in their field.

If you can show that your background, education, and employment exceeds or surpasses those who composed/compiled/edited the Thesaurus, then I will happily shift my allegiance and loyalty over to you.

Your remarks cannot possibly offend me, because I am definitely an admirer of yours.

But even those whom I admire, are wrong, on occasion.

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you boys are caught up in your back and forth banter but what about what i said? isn’t it true that true white trash usually have at least a few teeth missing?

as for what jack said, they probably give a great hummer.

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I would say your statement about the missing teeth rings true, which is why I didn’t argue the point with you.

I dated a girl in Denver who had lost all of her teeth, as the result of a car accident.

We had a wonderful date, to be sure, and I only had to wait in line for 4 months, for the next one.

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I like you too, Jack. That has already pretty much been established.
But even friends can occasionally offend one another (even if unintentionally).
Just wanted to double check to see that I wasn’t.

I do realize that the thesaurus is compiled by experts in their field.
I just think it was compiled more as a resource for similar words.
As a writer, would you really use those two words interchangeably?

Which of the two statements do you disagree with?
• Blacksmithing is archaic.
• Blacksmithing is not obsolete.

And so that I’m not completely off-topic…I think walking around a gas station bathroom without any shoes is pretty white trash. (Oh, shoot. Richardhenry pretty much already answered that one.)

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Blacksmithing is still practiced all over the world, to this day. In fact, horses would not get shod, were it not for a blacksmith.

Therefore, the art is neither archaic, nor obsolete, IMHO.

And again, you have never offended me.

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now kiss and make up.

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But I still stand by the statement: Blacksmithing is archaic.
It may still be in practice, but not in an every day type of way!

• of, relating to, or characteristic of an earlier or more primitive time
• antiquated
• of or belonging to the early or formative phases of a culture or a period of artistic development
• surviving from an earlier period

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But respectfully, you’re still wrong.

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Model T Fords are archaic.

Nowadays, we call blacksmiths, Steel Workers

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boys. BOYS!!

JackAdams's avatar

Blacksmith, Steel Worker…

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
by any other name would smell as sweet.”

“Romeo and Juliet” (II, ii, 1–2)

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How about giving your kids stupid names like Track? Or Thicket?

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You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about this question, and with no disrespect to the asker (nor anyone else, reading these words), I find it “interesting,” to say the least, that only white people are capable of being “trash.”

One never hears about Black trash or Mexican trash or Asian trash or Native American trash or Hebrew trash, and I suspect that if someone uttered those phrases, they would immediately be labeled Racist trash, for having done so.

So are we to assume that only Caucasians are capable of being “trash?”

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@Jack, I don’t believe that the questioner is assuming that only white people can be trash, I think mghb is merely asking this question about “trash” that happens to be white. I do however believe your point merits a question of its own.

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OK. You ask it. LOL

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@jack: If only white people could be trash, it wouldn’t need the qualifier. It’d just be called “trash”. These days you hear “trailer trash” more than “white trash”, but I have heard some not-so-nice variations of some of the others.

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Has anyone ever seen this movie?

When it was first released in June, 1957, it was titled “Poor White Trash” and in my Iowa community, it was shown only at the drive-in theaters, because it was “that kind” of movie.

To increase ticket sales, the theaters that were running it in our area hired off-duty (uniformed) police officers to check the IDs of everyone in every car, to make sure that no one under 17 would be able to see the movie, which is ironic, because the movie was about a 15-year-old girl and her relationship with the adult men of her Louisiana Bayou neighborhood.

To further hype the movie, a rumor was started that the reason for the police officers checking IDs, was because the movie dealt frankly with the subject of father-daughter incest, which it did not.

I walked over to the drive-in theater where it was playing one night, and I was certainly impressed. Cars were lined up to enter the drive-in, and police officers were directing traffic.

All for a 75¢ movie that wasn’t worth it.

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Never heard of it, but the marketing doesn’t surprise me.

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It was similar to another theater in Iowa that was premiering The Exorcist on December 26, 1973.

They had made it a point to note that an ambulance would be parked outside the theater entrance (to tranposrt any ill “white trash” people to the hospital), and that uniformed medical personnel would be there (EMS folks and an RN) to provide “life support.”

The theater also said in a publicity release and an ad, quoting, “We will pay $10,000 to your next-of-kin, should you die while watching this performance.”

During the movie, one unfornate woman did have a heart attack, and that ambulance was used to rush her to the hospital, where she recovered.

(I mentioned the words “white trash” you will notice, so this post remains on topic.)

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The entire audience and the guests of the Jerry Springer show.

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@Jack: Lurve for your last line. LOL!

JackAdams's avatar

It wasn’t my LAST line.

It was my MOST RECENT line.

cyndyh's avatar

Fair enough. :^>

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Sleeping with your ex who is about to have a baby with his soon to be wife of 2yrs

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Hand painted signs that read “Will trade land 4 guns.” (True story! Didn’t have my camera with me to get it.)

BUT I had my camera with me to get this one:

And, a redneck map

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Sitting on the trash-cluttered “front porch” of a 30-year-old travel trailer overlooking a mud yard, barefoot and wearing a tank top two sizes too small, eating spray cheese straight from the aerosol can (with generic beer as a chaser) to the sweet soundtrack of the Bug Zapper, with a sawed-off shotgun to hand in case anyone comes near the property.

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I, ashamedly, have read through this entire post and would like to leave the author of this post with my recommendation for a theme song.
“I am my own grandpa” by Eric Cartman.
Thanks for the good laugh.

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Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. And I’m from Missouri – lol

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