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Is there a way to change my default font in MS Word for mac?

Asked by St.George (5852points) October 9th, 2008

Je n’aime pas Times New Roman.

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When you go into the fonts menu, is there a “Set as Default” button on the bottom right?

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In Word click on the “Format” menu and choose “Font”. Set your font, and click the “Default” button in the bottom left corner

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@jsc137 – there’s no “set as default” under the fonts menu, just a list of all the fonts

@savalski – there’s no “font” choice under the “format” menu.

Are you guys looking at Word for PC or Word for Mac? I’ve got a Mac.

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For Word 2007 running under Windows:

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@robmandu I’ve got not nothing that looks like that.

Well at least I’m glad to know I didn’t ask an question with an obvious answer.

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This might be of assistance.

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Never mind my previous answer. I figured it out.

1. Format—> Style (this is from the menu at the top)

2. That brings up this. Select modify after selecting the Normal theme.

3. That gives you this. Select Times New Roman as the font. Make sure you check Add to Template. Select OK.

4. Hit Apply on the style menu in the first screenshot.

I hope that works. I tested it in Word 2008 on a Mac. The next time I started Word the default was TNR.

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Thank you @johnpowell! If I could give you multiple lurve I would.

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