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the links don’t work

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And the answer is: Yes, he did.

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What do you make of the most recent one?

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Why don’t you tell me? It’s your question.

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Do the Obama supporters really want Bush to set up a Council to help in the transition if he wins the presidency?

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The second to last one I don’t have time to look at in context.

The last one, the only part that worries me is this:

“The Council shall assist the major party candidates and the President-elect by making every reasonable effort to facilitate the transition between administrations. This assistance may include, among other things, providing information relevant to facilitating the personnel aspects of a presidential transition and such other information that, in the Council’s judgment, is useful and appropriate, as long as providing such information is not otherwise prohibited by law.”

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@chris6137, you know what’s unique about this country, the most powerful and influential that’s ever existed?

It’s that forty two times to date, coming up on forty three, we’ve had peaceful transitions of power from one elected official to another to the highest office in the land.

Do you think that Obama or McCain has any power whatsoever as legislators to make executive decisions and actions take place? Of course the sitting president establishes the council.

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@ Robmandu – I saw something on the news this morning about polls regarding displeasure with republican house members. Do you know anything about that? It was going off as I came in the room.

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Nope. Sorry. Tried Googling, but didn’t see anything.

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Oh, ok. It was the adviser on NBS. I will have to look around to. your usually 10 steps ahead of me on that suff.


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Yes, he did. You’re very observant, Chris. Good job!

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I think the committe is set up to make the transition smoother on the White House side. The incoming president will not have to abide by anything the outgoing president decides. I am sure if you look back to 2000 you will see that President Clinton put someone in charge of clearing out and passing on information and projects underway during the transition. There has been a lot written about Clinton people talking to Bush people about something going on with bin Laden. I am sure the Bush people will pass on anything they know. Also there were pranks by the Clinton people (like removing the “e” keys from some keyboards) and I’m sure the Bush people want to prevent that sort of thing. Everything is not a conspiracy or usurpation of power.

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