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What is something you used to dislike, but now like?

Asked by Nimis (13245points) October 10th, 2008

Or vice versa…
What is something you used to like, but now dislike?
ie person, movie, song, food, idea, etc.

What was it?
And why the change of heart?

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When I was a child, I never liked White Castle burgers. I just didn’t understand why they had holes in them. Now I love them, especially of course, after a night out.

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sometimes i hate songs and then they grow on me. Lean Back by Terror Squad is an example. will think of more.

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heh, broccoli.

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Cooked Onions. Now, onion rings and bloomin onions are one of my favorite appetizers, and I’ve even grown to like them on my steak or burger.

Still hate raw onions though…

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Mritty—I was going to say the same thing! ONIONS! And I agree that they have to be cooked. I love caramelized onions. Yum!

I also used to dislike spandex biker people and now I am one of them : )

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Green bell peppers and zucchhinni….I used to hate them and now I can’t get enough and I love the red bell peppers and yellow squash tootoo!

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I’m going to go with onions as well. I used to hate them. I’d pick them out of my food. Then I started learning how to cook, and I realized that I needed to get over that. I’ve recently even started to enjoy a few bits of uncooked red onion on my sandwiches. My mom would be so proud…

And in case there’s too much food in this discussion, I’ll also mention the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall. I tried watching it in college, and I didn’t find it all that interesting. I watched it again a few weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it.

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Star Wars.

I was very young when I first saw it. Also, the first one I saw was The Empire Strikes Back. It scared the heck out me. Now I’m fairly obsessed with it (though my obsession has tapered off a bit).

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I can only think of one right now. Milk. I never like milk since i was forced not to drink from a baby bottle.I puked when i was given my first cup of milk. Then after years later, i got brain washed by my aunt who describes milk to be very similar to vanilla ice cream ! I literally pshychoed myself to believe that. NOw i am doing pretty well with milk.

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The random thoughts of ex-girlfriends.

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When I was a pre-teen youngster, I couldn’t stand it when my mother prepared pork chops.

Today, I’ll go to the butcher, request the butterfly pork chops (boneless) and order at least 10 pounds of them.

No explanation, except that as I got older, I acquired a love for them, and eat them at least once every two weeks.

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Spinach (sorry Popeye)

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Believe it or not…Lobster. I hated shellfish as a kid, including shrimp. Now it’s my favorite.

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Everyone’s talking food…Ima switch this conversation to music.


When I first heard, “HI, my name is…HI, my name is…Hi, my name is,” I thought it was just another hook laden repetitive piece of crap…Vanilla Ice for the TRL generation.

But I gave his music a chance and grew to be in awe of his skills and creativity. I consider him to be a lyricist on par with Bob Dylan, just in much different packaging.

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Something I used to dislike but now like:
History. When I was in lower grade school I assumed history was all about memorizing names and dates because my teachers taught it in such an un-engaging way. Eventually I had some awesome history teachers in high school and they made me fall in love with it.

Something I used to like but now dislike:
One Saturday when I was young I ate an entire box of Cap’n Crunch cereal in one sitting (a several hour festival of Saturday morning cartoons). I threw it up and since then have a serious taste aversion to Cap’n Crunch. Seeing a box literally makes me cringe.

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I used to love cigarettes, but in 1979 I developed a serious dislike for them, and that led to successfully breaking the habit.

I am so proud of me! LOL

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scrambled eggs, peas and network TV news

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when i was 15 i came home from school and made a tuna fish sandwich, and i guess the mayonnaise was bad because i got so sick. i was in bed, in pain, wanting to die. my parents were not coming home from work when they usually did, and i finally threw up. then i felt better. after that experience, i didn’t like tuna or eat it for a few years. then i got to eating it again, and now it’s not my favorite thing but i will eat it on occasion.

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Jack Adams.

(actually not true but it sounded good)

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i was thinking of this question as i went out shopping tonight for the ten year old’s birthday party. i was thinking that i actually like (am embarassed to admit it) Free Bird and Stairway to Heaven. When i was a teenager, these songs were so common. Classic Rock stations were not called “classic rock,” they were all that there was as far as rock went (until “punk” or “new wave” came along). I hated those two songs because they were always named in the Top 100 lists annually. i also was not a big fan of what is now called Classic Rock. However, now that i’m older, i don’t hear them that often, and they remind me of when i was young, so i like them.

Also, Jesus Walks by Kenye West – when it came out it was popular but i hated it. then i saw him perform it on some show (Grammys?) and i have a new appreciation of it.

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In the food world you name it, I hated it. I ate only hot dogs, applesauce or cereal for about a year when I was little. Did not like any condiments, let alone things like onions. I enjoy a wide variety of foods now that I’m an adult, but often wish I didn’t like it quite so much!

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I went through a similar phase as a kid. I would only eat a few select dishes, all involving large amounts of cheese (such as mac and cheese and grilled cheese). Then my mom did some research and found out the reason I always had eczema was that I was allergic to dairy. It was a devastating revelation for six-year-old me, but the eczema did go away. Now I enjoy a much wider palate.

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This is for everybody who had food issues when they were younger.I have an interesting tidbit (maybe only interesting to me!). I personally have the same diet I have had as a kid and definately have food/ texture issues (waiters hate me) so I have researched it a little. I found out that when you are young, you have a considerable amount of tastebuds more than when you grow up. Since your bitter and sour areas are so sensitive, you tend towards the sweet etc. The reason for this is evolution. Back in the day, babies developed this sensitivity as protection against poisonous berries, greens and the ilk when we were hunters/ gathers. So kids can be bratty and picky about food but they are responding to foods in a different way than we adults do. Just thought it was neat!

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That’s cool. Is there somewhere I can read more about that?

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Here is info about being a “supertaster”. One of my daughters (an extremely picky eater) and I are classified as such. Mine “wore off” due to smoking and age killing off some tastebuds.

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Aidje—I read about it too long ago to know the exact place but I just re-googled “children sensitive taste buds poison” (Iknow- I suck at googling) and a bunch of different expert sites came up. Glad my ranting of useless memory intrigued someone!

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I’ll read that article and do some Googling tomorrow. Thanks.

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