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What do you do, to "drop a hint" to your S/O that you are "in the mood"?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) October 10th, 2008

This assumes that you might be a little too shy to come right out and shout, “TAKE ME! I’M YOURS!”

So what do you do? Utter a code phrase? Wear a special item of clothing? Order a particular food item? Light candles? Get out the whips and chains? Place the handcuffs on the nightstand? Get drunk? Write a message on the bathroom mirror? Join your partner, while s/he is in the shower? Play a particular tune? Play a XXX video?

I had three pairs of panties specially made for my computer geek GF, so she could let me know when she wanted to have “play time.”

On the crotch area of one, in green letters, was printed the computer phrase, “ACCESS GRANTED”. And on the other pair, in red letters, was “ACCESS DENIED”.

She refused to wear the ones that had that Southern expression, “YA’LL COME!” for some reason…

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I am friendly with her. Give her extended hugs. Lengthy kiss. Depending on the type of mood. Maybe stand 2 inches behind her and don’t move.

I that doesn’t work I tell her 6 times in 7 years isn’t enough. God I wish that wasn’t a joke.

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Try drugging her oatmeal with a powerful aphrodisiac.

That should do it.

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My wife and I used to ask in public, “Hey, you in the mood for cake?”

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I’m not shy. Let’s just say I give him a little… “handshake.”

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@cprevite – LURVE!
@scamp – LURVE!

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Thanks Bri!

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Thanks Bri L!

Come to think of it, I could use some cake.

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I gave a GA to both of ya, also.

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@cprevite If the two of us were in the same room, it would be “shake and bake”, ha ha!!

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i say “hey I’m really horny right now can you help me out?” LOL

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@scamp: Then we’d really be cooking. ba dum bump (Hey, I’m here all week…try the veal.)

A woman I knew would call and ask her boyfriend at lunch if he wanted to meet for a “nooner and a tuna”.

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She has come to appreciate that I am always “in the mood”.

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@cprevite The veal? I was thinking there was a lot of “ham” in here! Ha ha!! Thanks for the laughs, you made my day!

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I got a handmade card in the mail from a GF who wrote on the outside of the card:

“You are invited to a very special cocktail party!”

On the inside of that same card was printed:

“I’ll be supplying the ‘tail’.”

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We (were) pretty open about it. Hugging lead to kissing which lead to touching which lead to…you know. If either one of us wasn’t in the mood it was just obvious. Kind of an unspoken understanding. Plus, the look on someone’s face can tell you everything when you know them well.

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True indeed…

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@ JackAdams- that card is funny!

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i think you have answered yourself buddy. ;)

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inside joke above: no, but seriously, the hint starts in the bed in the morning. it’s a nudge of the knee or a gentle toe swipe at the ankle. it’s little subtleties that say, “i wanna get it on baby.”

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Bri_L: You’re right again!

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I don’t really hint. The closest I’ll get to a hint would be if we’re in mixed company in public. Then I might say, “I wanna go home now”. If it’s just the two of us and no one’s within earshot I just tell him what I want to do to him. :^>

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We’re usually laying in bed (either at night or morning) and one of us starts rubbing all up on the other.

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when i’m with someone, they find out fast i like sex 24/7, so i’m always up for it. if i’m tired, feel free to wake me up, or better yet, hop on and i’ll wake up then.

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Are there any more at home like you? A sister, perhaps? Cousins?

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I just get naked. That usually gets his attention and then he’s just as much in the mood as me. :) It works out nicely.

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That lucky guy!

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I lick my lips and put pudding on my toes. Does it every time!

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When it’s in public or we are apart from each other physically, I send him a dirty text message. Actually, he gets several of those during the course of the week while he’s at work.

When we’re in private, well yeah, I’m not subtle at all.

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It is a signal which usually involves me just dropping my clothes or “accidently” walking into the room naked.

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My man has learned that there is no need for subleties. If he wants me, take me! I am not shy about that either :)

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Well, we have a support column in our media room, so when sexy music is playing in a TV show or commercial I may get up and do a “pole dance” if I’m feeling extra friendly….even more fun if I start doing it while my beloved looks away for a moment.

Spontaneous Strip-Show!

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